What is 'Air Turbo Drying System' in a Washing Machine?

Last Update date : Aug 10. 2022

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What is 'Air Turbo Drying System' in a Washing Machine?

Air Turbo technology spins hard and fast so you can spend less time drying.


Time Saving AIR TURBO saves your time, ensuring your clothes are dried 30%-40% faster than line drying alone. Especially during the rainy season and in high-humid weather, laundry that once took days to drip-dry, such as heavy jeans, bulky sweaters, and thick blankets are dried more rapidly. Easy-to-iron AIR TURBO is perfect for delicate and clothes made of synthetic fabrics. No more hanging and waiting. Simply iron straight-out-of-the washer, since AIR TURBO eliminates just enough moisture to keep clothes adequately damp for ironing. 

What is 'Air Turbo Drying System' in a Washing Machine?



Press this button to fast-dry your laundry.


Press this button to toggle between the Air-Turbo options: 


30 Min - 15 Min - Off - 30 Min 

Note: This function can only be selected if a spin cycle has been set. 

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