What is a Dual or Hybrid SIM?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2021

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Smartphones come in either single SIM or dual SIM models. Dual SIM models allow you to use two SIM cards in one device. This gives you flexibility to have 2 active phone numbers on the same device, eliminating the need to carry around two mobiles.


This feature could be useful when

- You have a work and personal mobile number


- You need to use a local number while keeping your original number active while in a foreign country.


This feature is now avaliable on our Samsung Galaxy S20 range.  

Dual SIM vs Hybrid SIM

A Dual SIM card tray has two dedicated SIM card slots, whereas a Hybrid SIM card tray has one dedicated SIM card slot and a hybrid slot.


A hybrid slot can hold either a second SIM card or a micro SD card for expandable memory. This gives you the choice between using a second SIM card or when you need extra storage, you can simply remove the second SIM from the hybrid SIM tray and put a microSD card in its place.


If you have decided to use two SIM cards in your device you can use the steps below to manage these settings.  

1 Open Settings on your device
2 Select Connections
3 Tap Sim Card Manager

Under Preferred SIM details you can manage your preferred SIM card to use on the device for outgoing Calls, Text and use of data Data.  


To check if a particular model has a single, dual or hybrid SIM you can check by removing the SIM card tray and seeing how many slots it has and how the second slot is labelled, if it says SIM2, it's a dual SIM, if it says SIM2 \ microSD, it's a hybrid. 


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