How to transfer music from my phone to my Gear IconX device

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020
Gear IconX

Transferring music files using a USB connector

1 Insert the earbuds into the charging case, and use a USB cable and USB adapter to connect the charging case to your mobile device
USB diagram
2 Launch the Galaxy Wearables app on the mobile device
3 Select the Transfer Music card on the main page
Transfer music
4 Tap Transfer tracks to Gear
Transfer tracks to gear
5 Select ADD on the top right hand side to choose music to transfer to the earbuds
Add music

Transferring music files wirelessly via Bluetooth

1 Connect the earbuds to your device by bluetooth, and open the Galaxy Wearable app
2 Open the Settings tab on the right
3 Tap the Music option
4 Select Transfer tracks to Gear
TRansfer tracks to Gear
5 Select Wireless Transfer
wireless transfer
6 Tap Select tracks to choose music to add. Once you've selected the music to transfer tap Done to finish
select tracks for wireless transfer

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