What is Always-On Display (AOD) and how to enable it?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

In this FAQ, we are going to explain:


  • What is Always-On Display (AOD)?
  • How to turn on Always-On Display?
  • How to turn off Always-On Display?
  • What is animated Always-On Display and how to enable it?




So what is AOD?


Always-On Display or AOD is a feature that available on certain Samsung smartphones. It allows you to customise your screen to show time, date, battery status, notifications, screen savers and more. It is important to know that AOD does consume energy. 






In general 

  • The AOD provides a variety of clock designs and information.
  • ·  Clock: Digital clock, analogue clock, world clock, and Edge clock (You can choose colours and wallpapers).
  • ·  Calendar.
  • ·  Image: Select an image from Gallery or Smart Select and set it as wallpaper for the AOD screen.
  • ·  Provides custom text, date, battery level, app notifications, and song information.


·  Experience different widgets on the AOD screen by double-tapping the clock area.

·  You can easily play music on the turned off screen or check your schedule and alarm.

·  FaceWidgets configuration path: Settings > Lock screen and Security > Information and FaceWidgets > FaceWidgets.

Active clock

·  Provides Active clock that has a running second hand.

Pin to AOD

·  Pin text and images you wish to remember to the AOD screen. The pinned memo can be easily viewed and deleted.

·  You can pin memo to the AOD screen using Reminder and Share via.

AOD Themes

·  Download AOD-exclusive themes from Theme Store.

        ·  Decorate your AOD screen uniquely with various themes.


How to turn on/off Always-On Display


The standard way to access any device settings is to tap - no surprise - settings! However there are two quick ways to access AOD settings:


From the notification bar


1.     Swipe down from the Notification bar > Tap the Settings icon.

2.     Select Lock Screen and Security > Tap ALWAYS ON DISPLAY to toggle on/off


From the notification panel


1.     Swipe down from the Notification bar > Swipe left to the other panel.

2.     Tap on the menu button (three vertical dots) > Select Button Order

3.     Drag AOD into the panel > Now you can easily toggle on/off AOD


What is animated AOD and how to enable it?


Animated AOD acts like on-screen wall papers with animations.


To enable animated AOD, you can choose either a preloaded GIF or from your Gallery. If selected GIF’s play duration is less than 5 seconds, it will be played twice automatically. If it is more than 5 seconds, it will be played only once.


1.     Go to Settings > Tap Lock Screen and Security.

2.     Tap the switch to activate Always on Display then > Tap Clock and Face Widgets.

3.     Tap Clock style (for example) > Select animated AOD > Tap Apply.

4.     If you want to use preloaded GIF, tap Add GIF and select.

5.     If you want to use GIF that already existed in Gallery > Tap + > Select GIF in Gallery.

6.     Tap APPLY. 

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