What does the Digital Wellbeing feature on my device do?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Digital Wellbeing is a feature on your mobile device which gives you a more detailed view of the daily use of your device. You are able to see more details about the amount of notifications recieved, times youve unlocked or picked up your device..
In this feature you can do things such as turn on settings to wind down and take time to have a break from the notifications coming through on your device. 

To find this feature:

Step 1: Open Settings on your device.
Step 2: Scroll down and select Digital Wellbeing 


Screen Time, Notifications recieved or Times opened

The total active Screen Time on your device can be located in the circle at the top of the page.
The total time is located in the middle of the circle, and this is broken down into colours/catagories surrounding the circle depending on your daily use of apps.
Under the circle at the top you can see the total amount of times the device as been unlocked and the total amount notifications the device has recieved through the day.

By clicking on the word 'Today' under the total time you will be taken to a page explaining the total run down of your daily use via each app.
Here you can see previous days/weeks. and you can customise this from showing Screen Time to Notifications recieved or Times opened.

You can also view this information by clicking the word 'Dashboard' in the Digital Wellbeing setting.



Wind Down.

Wind down is a feature loacted in Digital Wellbeing to help you wind down before bed by putting the device into greyscale and turning on the do not disturb feature.
This feature is customiseable where you can turn it on manually or you can set a time for this to automatically turn on throughout the day.
You can also choose if this feature will turn on both greyscale and do not disturb or just one of these features at a time.

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