BD Wise (Samsung Products Only).

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

* Please note, this section is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting information, also refer to your user manual for more information. 




When you connect a Samsung product and a Samsung TV with BD Wise to each other via HDMI, and BD Wise is turned On on both the products, the product outputs video, the video resolution and frame rate of the Blu-ray Disc/DVDs will: 

Off : The output resolution stays fixed at the resolution you set previously in the Resolution menu, regardless of the resolution of the disc. See resolution below.

ON : The product outputs video at the original resolution and frame rate of the Blu-ray Disc/DVDs.


Set the output resolution of the HDMI video signal.
The number indicates the number of lines of video per frame. The i and p indicate
interlaced and progressive scan, respectively. The more lines, the higher quality.

BD Wise : Automatically sets the resolution to the resolution of the Blu-ray
Disc/DVDs if you have connected the product via HDMI to a TV with the BD
Wise feature. (The BD Wise menu item appears only if BD Wise is set to On.
See BD Wise above.)

Auto : Automatically sets the output resolution to the connected TV’s maximum

1080p : Outputs 1080 lines of progressive video.

1080i : Outputs 1080 lines of interlaced video.

720p : Outputs 720 lines of progressive video.

576p/480p : Outputs 576/480 lines of progressive video.

Note: When BD Wise is on, the Resolution setting automatically defaults to BD Wise and BD Wise appears in the Resolution menu.

Note: If the product is connected to a device that does not support BD Wise, you cannot use the BD Wise function.

Note: For proper operation of BD Wise, set the BD Wise menu of both the product and the TV to On.


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