More smart devices, one smart app.

Connect, automate and manage all your Samsung and SmartThings-compatible appliances and electronics with a single, easy-to-use app.
Because smart should be simple, however many devices you bring home.

Download the SmartThings app.

A large, modern house in the background with a Galaxy mobile, tablet, smart watch in the foreground. All 3 screens show the SmartThings GUI with options to operate various home devices.
A video shows the various benefits of SmartThings with 4 different stories. A couple wakes up to an automated routine that turns on the kettle. The text "Good Morning automated at 7am" appears. The man starts his laundry from the kitchen using his smartphone. The text "Start the washing machine with Smart Control" appears. The woman is still sleeping when the automated blinds open. The text "Wake Up automated at 9am" appears. On their smart fridge screen, a laundry notification appears with the text "Cycle completed". Another man is leaving the house with his dog. The text "No motion detected in the house" appears and the SmartThings Motion Sensor turns off all devices. He receives a notification on his phone and the text "Get notified when devices turn off" appears. A woman at work gets a notification on her phone and the text "Get notified when noise is detected" appears. She checks the "SmartThings Cam" with her phone and sees that it is her cat. Last, 3 women walk into a house and the text "Automate lights to turn on when you get home" appears. Once inside, one woman selects a SmartThings scene on her phone and the text "Turn on Party Mode in a flash" appears. Lights and music turn on, another friend arrives, and the text "Stay connected, make life effortless" appears.

Life simplified. Home customized.

Optimize your home device settings for a smart lifestyle tailored to your needs.
Enjoy more control over your home with innovative SmartThings-compatible devices that simplify your day-to-day life.

In the foreground, we see the back of the heads of two women - one with blonde hair and the other with red hair. They are watching a show on a large, living room TV in the background.
A Galaxy screen shows the SmartThings GUI with the option to set a "Movie mode" scene and adjust the TV, lights, and air purifier in the living room.

Get a better thrill out of the movie with SmartThings.
SmartThings takes care of the TV, lights and mood; you make the popcorn.

A smart washing machine on the right hand side and a sofa, laundry basket, and some laundry that needs to be washed are on the left hand side.
A tablet screen shows the SmartThings GUI with a notification that the laundry is finished and options to set automated scenes.

Get useful reminders on the little things, like when your laundry is done.
If you happen to be out, SmartThings will keep your laundry fresh until you return.

A living room with a white sofa at the center, a lamp and a plant on the right and a smart airconditioner on the left.
A Galaxy screen shows the SmartThings Welcome Cooling GUI with a target temperature, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and additional settings.

There’s no need to wait for your home to cool down with SmartThings.
Your air conditioner automatically turns on for a refreshing entrance by the time you're back home.

Give your worries a break

Your home at-a-glance

Manage your home settings without even getting up from the couch. Use the SmartThings app anywhere to check devices and more.

A woman is lying on the sofa, smiling and looking at her smartphone. On the right side of foreground, a Galaxy screen shows the SmartThings app GUI with options to operate various home devices in the living room, air quality rating, and current temperature.

Your home in your hands

SmartThings is a powerful remote control for your home.
Discover how a single app can drastically enhance your lifestyle.

A living room with an air conditioner on wall and two Cube Air Purifiers stacked next to the coffee table in the center of the room. A sofa is behind the coffee table and above the sofa is a 65-inch Q7 QLED TV attached to the wall. On the left side foreground, a Galaxy screen shows a mobile remote control of the smart TV.

A home that works on your schedule

Now your home can keep up with your busy schedule.
SmartThings lets you customize your home so your mornings are easier and your nights are calmer.

Three Galaxy screens are displayed. The first shows Automations settings with toggle switches for 4 routines: Good morning, I'm leaving, I'm home, and Good night. The second shows a woman waking up in bed, with settings for "If 7:00am then open bedroom blind every day". The third shows a couple in bed at night, with settings for "If 10:30pm then dim the bedroom light to 50% every night".

Add a little smartness to your home

Let SmartThings handle the day-to-day chores and stresses, so you can focus on what’s more important.

* Currently available with Galaxy smartphones and tablets above android 8.0, Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Buds Live. Others to be supported.
** To use SmartThings Find, Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile needs to be turned on.
*** To find Galaxy Watch and Buds with SmartThings Find, the latest version of Galaxy wearable app needs to be installed.

Life's a little easier
with a voice assistant - or two

Turn on the TV and start the vacuum by voice.
You can control your home with your favorite voice assistant, or all of them at the same time.

A woman sits on her sofa with her smartphone. There is a smart air conditioner and a smart robot vacuum in the room. 2 conversation bubbles appear near the woman with the text "Hi Bixby, start the vacuum" and "Ok, starting the vacuum". 3 AI assistant logos are displayed above: Bixby, Hey Google, and Amazon Alexa.

*Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Connect and experience
more with SmartThings

SmartThings is more integrated with other smart devices to make life even easier.
Just look for the "Works with SmartThings" symbol in stores and online.

A ‘Works with SmartThings’ logo and various icons such as those for TV, AV, air conditioner, washer/dryer, robot vacuum, refrigerator, Wi-Fi hub, motion sensor, camera, multi-functional sensor, doorbell, light bulb, lock, outlet, switch/dimmer, and thermostat, which are available with the SmartThings app.

Let's get started with SmartThings

Connected life is only a button away. Tap the How-to-use menu in the SmartThings app.

A QR code that leads to a guide on how to get started on and use SmartThings.

* Each device must be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network.
* For interoperability through SmartThings, all the devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account.
* Available technology, functions, and features may vary by country, service provider, network environment, or product,
and are subject to change without notice.
* Please find 'Works with SmartThings' logo on the product or product package.
* Images and UX simulated for illustrative purposes.
* "Bixby" is limited to selected languages and certain accents/dialects.
* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.
* Compatible devices must be purchased separately in order to access SmartThings Services.

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