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Game alongside your friends with Multi View on Samsung TV

As the world of gaming evolves and exciting new offerings emerge, one thing remains constant. No matter the game,
it’s always more fun with our friends.

And with the Multi View feature on Samsung TV, you can game alongside your buddies anytime. Multi View allows you to play your game on the big screen, while also video-calling your friends on the display.

No more having to switch from your phone screen to see your friend, and back to your game on the TV. Now, you can view everything at once without missing any of the action. In fact, you can even have multiple friends calling from different devices at the same time while you game.

Ready for the action?

Discover how to activate Multi View on your Samsung TV. On the left screen, you can watch media from various sources such as STB, tv tuner, apps, Blu-ray players or game consoles while mirroring your phone on the right screen. Connect your device and customise size and audio settings as desired.

Before you begin, take note that the method of using Multi View is different depending on which device is connected to the TV.

For example, in order to watch the screen of a mobile device or a PC in Multi View, just connect the device with mirroring (Different by OS: Smart View/Screen mirroring/Airplay2/Project to a screen).

Also, If you want to watch the screen of an external device such as a game console in Multi View, go to Select Content Menu and select the device from the list. You can see more Multi View screen combinations below, and you can also select and set the contents of each screen by selecting the right and left screens.

Select Content
Choose the content that will be displayed on the left or right side of the screen.


Watch Mobile/Camera

Mirror or cast your phone’s content to the TV screen through the Smart View/Screen mirror button on Android mobile or AirPlay2 button from iOS device. Mirror Laptop/PC screen through Project to a screen feature. Select the connected SmartThings camera or you can select a connected Webcam.


Screen Size

Adjust the sizes for both screens to suit your viewing preference. For instance, you can place the smaller window in the top-right corner or use split screen view to see both screens equally.


PIP (Picture in Picture) Position

Select the position of the smaller screen when it’s displayed on the main screen. You can choose the top left and top right corners or the bottom left and bottom right corners for the smaller screen. If you don’t like where you placed the smaller screen, you can always change it later.


Sound Output

Connect your Bluetooth/Wireless sound devices for each window. 2 people can enjoy each screen by connecting their earbuds/headphones to each screen.


Sound Distribution

Select this option to hear the audio from both screens at once. The TV and external device speakers will play sound simultaneously.

Find out more tips on how to activate Multi View here.
Happy gaming!