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Need to work while on vacation?
Here’s how you can transform your tablet into a desktop-like experience.

Preparing for the possibility of work while on vacation? Or perhaps you need Microsoft Office to access all your travel plans ⁠— Excel spreadsheets for tracking expenditure, Word documents to edit your itinerary and more.

Instead of trying to fit your laptop into your already-heavy hand luggage, or having to lug it with you to the various attractions you’re visiting, there’s a much easier way to work while holidaying.

All you need is to activate Samsung DeX on your tablet. It provides a full PC-like experience, so you can achieve tasks on the go productively and easily.

Looks like a tablet, acts like a PC

A tap of the Quick panel on your Galaxy tablet switches you to DeX mode, allowing you to use it just like a PC and work wherever you travel. Now you can open multiple windows, drag and drop photos into emails and right click for more functions. Productivity has never been so mobile.

While DeX can be activated without a keyboard book cover, you can attach one to your tablet for a full PC-like experience. You can also use DeX with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard without the cover.

How to use Samsung DeX on a tablet

The Galaxy Tab S4, S6, S7 and S8 have DeX built right into them. In other words, you can multitask with DeX without connecting the tablet to a monitor.

Just swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick settings panel. Then, tap the Samsung DeX icon. If it's your first time using this feature, follow the instructions that appear.

The DeX interface will load on the tablet the same way it appears on desktops and monitors. You can navigate it using the touch screen, S Pen, a USB or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, or a Keyboard cover.

Using the S Pen:

If you’re using a Galaxy Tab S7 or S8, DeX mode will have an extra perk: You can use S Pen features! That’s right, DeX mode will come with the Air command menu. Just hover your S Pen over the Air command icon and tap it to launch the menu. All of your usual shortcuts will be there.


You can also use the S Pen to write down ideas in Samsung Notes, colour in the PENUP app and do a myriad of other things that are easier with a pen.

Adding a keyboard and mouse:

Pairing your tablet with a keyboard and mouse will make it even easier to navigate the DeX screen. You can use a wired or wireless USB keyboard and mouse, or pair a keyboard and mouse using Bluetooth.


1.  For a wired or wireless USB keyboard and mouse, plug the USB cable or transmitter into the USB port on the DeX Pad or Station, or the USB port on your mobile device. You may need an OTG adapter to plug a USB-A device into the USB-C port.


2.  For a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, use your phone or tablet to open Settings, then tap Connections, and then tap Bluetooth. Make sure your keyboard or mouse is in pairing mode, and then select the desired device under Available devices. Tap Pair when prompted.


3.  If you need to change the keyboard's language, open DeX mode, and then navigate to and open Settings. Select General management, and then select Physical keyboard.


4.  Select Samsung Keyboard - English (US). From there, you can choose your preferred language.

Try it out and experience the magic of DeX!

Book Cover Keyboard sold separately from Galaxy tablet.
Function Key is only applicable for certain models.