Step 1 : Capture

Shoot a 15-30 second video of your epic moments at home
with a Galaxy device.

#FindEpic Balance

Whether it’s designing your work-from-home space or mastering a difficult workout, show us how you can be productive at home.

#FindEpic Inspiration

The most random things can turn into something epic if you really seek it. Capture how you find epic inspirations within your space.

#FindEpic Fun

Capture the little joys and simplest things. Show us the fun things you do at home and how you take it to the next level.

#FindEpic Connections

We always find time especially when it’s spent with your friends and loved ones. Show us how you stay connected to those that matter to you despite the distance.

Step 2 : Post

Upload your video publicly on your Facebook and/or Instagram
with the hashtags
#FindEpic #withGalaxy #Samsung

Step 3 : Submit

Register and upload a link of your post from June 18 - July 22, 2021.


1. The promo event will run for 4 weeks from June 18, 2021 to July 22, 2021.
2. Promo is open for all participants with age 18 years old and above, currently residing in or is a citizen of the Philippines. Employees of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation and its advertising agency partners are not eligible to join the contest as well as their relatives up to 2nd party of consanguinity or affinity.
3. In order for the participant’s video to successfully counted and valid for this contest, it should meet all of the criteria below:
Participants must produce a 15 to 30 seconds video using their Galaxy smartphones showcasing everyday epic moments:
Participants must use the official hashtags #FindEpic #withGalaxy and #Samsung in their caption.
Content should be posted on their social media page (Facebook and/or Instagram)
Their social media pages should be set in public.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-120872 Series of 2021.
Terms and Conditions apply.