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Galaxy Note20 | 20 Ultra

Draw the future As low as ₱16,330.00 for 3 months
Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 with S Pen

The lower half of the bronze S Pen is revealed from a black background and turns as the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze appears. Both items continue turning until the Galaxy Note20 Ultra is seen from the rear at a three-quarter angle and the bronze S Pen is leaning across the back.

The first to merge a pen with a phone, Note put a whole new world in your pocket. As we face a new normal, life demands a new kind of device. This is not a smartphone as you know it. This is a computer suite in your pocket. This is next-level gaming on mobile. This is a pro-grade 8K camera and editing suite.

This is the power phone that forever changes how you work and play.

This is Galaxy Note20 | 20 Ultra

Mystic Bronze S Pen for Galaxy Note 20
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As beautiful as it is powerful

Introducing the new signature color for Galaxy: Mystic Bronze. A premium neutral tone with a satin texture that's as timeless as it is on trend.

Extreme close-up on the power key on Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze, seen in the shadows. The shadows start to lighten up as the phone shifts, turning towards the rear of the phone until the screen is covered in Mystic Bronze color.

Closeup of the rear camera on Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze.
Closeup of the rear camera on Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Black.
Closeup of the rear camera on Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Bronze.
Closeup of the rear camera on Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Green.
Closeup of the rear camera on Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Gray.


Two display screen sizes so you can go big, or go bigger

Both models are crafted for sophistication that's incredibly comfortable in your hand. Select the 6.7" display on Galaxy Note20 or the 6.9" display on Galaxy Note20 Ultra.3 Either size gives you a wide canvas for work and a massive display for play.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone with 6.9 inch screen size
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 6.9"

edge Infinity-O Display, 208g

Galaxy Note 20 smartphone with 6.7 inch screen size
Galaxy Note20 6.7"

flat Infinity-O Display, 192g

*Galaxy Note20 mmWave model weighs 194g.

  • Dynamic AMOLED 2X on Galaxy Note20 Ultra

    The most vivid and brightest display in a smartphone delivers 1500 nits for true to life color even in bright sunlight, and is easy on the eyes.4

  • 120Hz refresh rate5

    Refreshes twice as often for smooth motion and incredibly fast touch response.


A PC in your pocket


The new S Pen delivers the same feeling of a real pen.

S Pen offers groundbreakingly low latency to provide an incredibly realistic pen experience.6 Packed with the versatility of Bluetooth, gesture control, and so much more, it's Galaxy's most powerful pen.7

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Closeup of Mystic Bronze S Pen

Turn notes into text then text into PowerPoint with incredible ease


From off-track scribbles to straight handwriting with a tap

With a tap of the S Pen, your handwriting corrects itself if you’re writing at an angle, keeping your notes legible and organized. It can even transform into text you can copy and paste. Then export your notes as a PPT or Word file for easy sharing.

Angled handwriting made straight with Auto straighten feature.


Auto save and sync all your notes across mobile, tablet, and PC8, 9

Galaxy Note20 Ultra with Samsung Notes app onscreen and a sketch of a shoe.
Start it here...
Tablet with Samsung Notes app onscreen and the same sketch of a shoe as seen on Galaxy Note20 Ultra.
Tweak it here...
Laptop with Samsung Notes app onscreen and the same sketch of a shoe as seen on Galaxy Note20 Ultra and tablet.
Finish it here.
Galaxy Tab S7 | S7+

Includes the Samsung Notes app to make syncing a cinch.

Go to Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+

Your phone and your PC seamlessly work together


A black background comes up and Galaxy Note20 Ultra appears. It has a scene from a game onscreen, and the game takes up the whole screen. It pulls back and appears on the screen of Galaxy Note20 Ultra again, this time seen straight on. Thumbnails from other games appear on either side of the phone.

This is mobile gaming to rival your home setup

Turn your phone into the ultimate mobile gaming package

A newly renovated intelligent processor, upgraded cooling system, and responsive 120Hz display puts gaming on Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra on a whole new level.5 And when connected to a Wi-Fi AP, the built-in Wi-Fi Optimizer lets you connect fast with low latency to get your game on in real time.11

HyperFast 5G and Wi-Fi Optimizer take your play to all new places


HyperFast mobile data speeds, with the performance to match

The powerful intelligent processor inside Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra makes sure your downloads and streams happen as fast as 5G enables them.10 Or when you’re near an AP, Wi-Fi 6 delivers a quick and secure connection, while the Wi-Fi Optimizer keeps latency low for uninterrupted gaming and video calls, even in a crowded area.

Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 smartphone with a 5G chip

With all the best tools of pro photographers, videographers, and editors

Triple rear camera on Mystic Bronze Galaxy Note 20 Smartphone
  • Galaxy Note20
    • 3x
      Hybrid Optic Zoom12
    • 30x
      Super Resolution Zoom13
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra
    • 5x
      Optical Zoom
    • 50x
      Super Resolution Zoom13


Still the highest-resolution video recording available in a smartphone

8K video gives you crisp footage with incredible detail, and pro-grade controls give you real-time creative power so you can edit in-camera. Shoot super smooth action in 120fps, or isolate voices with a Bluetooth microphone. Then add finishing touches by editing your videos right on your phone.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes. Actual UI may be different.

Galaxy Buds Live

Acts as a Bluetooth mic for pro audio control.

Go to Galaxy Buds Live

120fps scene shot on Galaxy Note20 Ultra of cars driving on a road covered in water. It's shown with the Pro Video interface to demonstrate the various features you can adjust when recording for a more professional video. Audio option, ISO option, shutter speed option, aperture option, auto focus, and white balance option.


Watch here, play there, all at once

Samsung DeX has been upgraded with a new way to wirelessly set up a second screen that expands what you can do on an even bigger display. Connect to a monitor or TV to watch videos and access the Gallery app from your phone via the dedicated DeX UI — and still be able to use your phone.14, 15

Person holding the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra using the Samsung Dex app
A closeup of the battery icon that goes from 20% to 100% with Super Fast Charging 2.0.

The most power ever on Galaxy Note


A full charge in the morning takes you into the night

Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra are equipped with 4300mAh (typical) and 4500mAh (typical) intelligent batteries that use their power efficiently, so they last through the workday and your late-night fun.16, 17 Now, you don't just have world-class technology in your hands — you've also got the juice to make it last.


More than 50% phone charge in 30 minutes18

As if an all-day battery wasn't enough, Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra let you plug in to power up fast with the 25W Super Fast Charger included in the box.19 So when you do run low, it's not for long.

End of Type-C USB cord appears and plugs into the port on the bottom of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze. Onscreen the charging notification appears.


The power of proximity

Advanced spatial awareness technology delivers higher accuracy and a more intuitive experience, making it simpler and faster to share photos and videos with your friends. Point to Share lets you simply point your phone at a friend to share files.20

*UWB availability may vary by country.

Sending a file on the with the Galaxy Note 20 using Samsung Point-To-Share


More ways to power up your work and play21

Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Bronze with matching S Pen
Galaxy Note 20 with smart LED view cover
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Mystic Bronze
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in Mystic Bronze

A powerful experience enhanced with Galaxy favorites

  • One UI 2.5 designed for everyday simplicity

    One UI is easy to use so you can quickly navigate through any task and reduce the overload.

  • Samsung Knox built-in security

    Samsung Knox offers end to end security in hardware and software to protect your data in real time.

  • Biometric Authentication unlock with face or finger

    Unlock your phone with Face Recognition or Ultrasonic Fingerprint. You can also choose a PIN, pattern, or password to secure your data.

  • IP68 water and dust resistance

    Keeps your phone safe from splashes, drips, and up to 1.5 meters of water for around 30 minutes.22

Compare the models

The upper halves of Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Green and Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze, both seen from the rear. The matching S Pens for each phone is next to it, and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra S Pen is leaning across the phone.
Galaxy Note20 Galaxy Note20 Ultra
  • Mystic Bronze
  • Mystic Green
  • Mystic Gray
  • Mystic Bronze
  • Mystic Black
Screen size2



High resolution



Space Zoom3






  1. Color availability may vary depending on country or carrier.
  2. Measured diagonally, Galaxy Note20's screen size is 6.7" in the full rectangle and 6.6" with accounting for the rounded corners and Galaxy Note20 Ultra's screen size is 6.9" in the full rectangle and 6.8" with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole.
  3. Space Zoom includes digital zoom, which may cause some image deterioration.
  4. Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4170mAh for Galaxy Note20 and 4370mAh for Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

Discover Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra in AR


A hand holding Galaxy Note20 Ultra with the AR site onscreen.