My Samsung monitor show menu lock, how do I unlock it?

Last Update date : Jul 21. 2022

Your monitor may have an OSD Lock function. This function locks most of the OSD (On Screen Display) Menu settings so they cannot be unintentionally changed. Samsung monitors allow you to lock the menu, so that your settings are secure and cannot be adjusted. To lock and unlock your monitor, please follow the instructions below; 


Find the Menu button on your Monitor and press and hold your finger on it for 10 seconds. Initially the Menu will appear and after 10 seconds of holding the Menu button, it will disappear.

Certain options will now be disbaled and the Menu is locked.


To unlock the Menu , repeat the above steps. You will now see the Menu options can be selected and it will be unlocked.

On models with a Jog Button, press the jog button to display the options, then press Up and select Menu by pressing the Jog Button in again. While on the Menu screen, hold the jog button to the left for 10 seconds .

The menu display will disappear immediately but continue to hold the Jog Button left until you see a little light under the Samsung emblem flash once. When you go to the menu screen again, you will see that some options have been greyed out and cannot be selected.


To unlock your screen, repeat the same process.

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