Position a drain hose in a Semi-Automatic washing machine

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022
1 Estimate the length of the hose

A. When there is no threshold (barrier) ,the length of the drain hose should not exceed 3m.

hose length

B. When it is necessary to connect the drain hose with the drain outlet located far away, connect the extension hose and applicable parts (available from dealers or service centers). 

Connect drain hose

C.  Do not install the drain hose where it must extend over a threshold of 5cm or more ; do not install where there is a threshold(as shown above) and the hose must extend for more than 2m.

2 Positioning the Drain Hose

A. Do not put the end of the drain hose into the water.

position the drain hose

B. Do not place the hose below the floor level of the drain outlet.

Drain Outlet

C.  Do not make the mid part of the hose positioned higher than the ends.

Drain outlet

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