How to replace the water purifier filter for my refrigerator?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

Samsung refrigerators are equipped with filters to purify water or deodorize. When the maximum usage limit is reached for each filter, a red light will appear informing you that you have to replace the filters. Check out the instructions below for replacing the water purifier filter. It is also good to check the user manual of your refrigerator for further information.

When the water filter indicator is lit on the display panel

The water filter indicator light is preset to turn orange after five months or 450 gallons, and red after six months or 500 gallons.

To reset the water filter indicator, you need to replace the filter and reset the function on the control panel. Depending on the given model, the light can be either green or blue.

indicator displays replace the water purifier filter


  • The actual design of the display panel may differ depending on the type of model that you have.
  • This image is a reference in English but is available in the language of your country. 
Find the location of the water purifier filter

Usually, the water filter is in the middle of the inside or bottom of the refrigerator.

find a water purifier filter location

Note: The water filter location may differ depending on the refrigerator model.

How to replace the water purifier filter

In order to always receive clean and sanitary water or ice, it is recommended to replace the filter immediately when the filter replacement sign appears on the display panel. After replacing the filter, it is recommended to use the water after pouring out over 500ml.


When replacing the water filter, you must first close the water supply valve. Once you complete the replacement, make sure the water supply valve is turned back on.

Step 1. Press and hold the Ice Type/Filter Change button on the control panel for 3 seconds to reset the filter.

Step 2. Open the filter cover and turn the water filter counterclockwise. Pull the water filter from the case.

Step 3. Insert a new filter into the filter case and turn it clockwise until it locks.

how to replace the water purifier filter


  • This image is just a sample in English and is available in the language of your country.
  • Keep the filter cartridge horizontal when pulling it out.

Reset the filter indicator light after replacement

After replacing with a new filter, the filter replacement cycle must be reset again by pressing and holding the alarm button for 3 seconds. Excellent performance and proper replacement cycles are ensured. When reset, the color of the filter indicator changes from red to green (or the words Replace Filter will disappear).

make sure to reset the filter indicator light

Note:   This image is just a sample in English and is available in the language of your country.

How to find a serial number on your refrigerator

To replace the filter, you need to check the respective serial numbers corresponding to each filter for your refrigerator model. All Samsung refrigerators have labels placed on two areas on the exterior of the product.


  • The serial number can be easily found by opening the upper left door on the front, or the lower left side.
  • The model name and serial number of your refrigerator are printed on the label. 


You can find a list of the available filters by contacting the customer service center or by purchasing a filter online by entering the refrigerator serial number.

check the serial number of your refrigerator

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