Condensation, moisture or mold between the refrigerator doors

Last Update date : Dec 01. 2022

When condensation, moisture, or mold forms between the refrigerator doors or on top of the freezer door, this is caused by high humidity, energy-saving by the refrigerator, or incorrect usage.

The ideal set temperature of the cabinet must be 3 degrees Celsius for the fridge and -18 degrees Celsius for the freezer. Check some of the steps below to prevent condensation to occur in your refrigerator:

To diagnose the issue, check the conditions below and correct them as necessary:

Check 1. Ensure the freezer door is not obstructed by any items placed inside.

Check 2. Check the door seals by closing the door and ensuring they are sitting flat on the cabinet surface. If any deformation (wave) or a split is found, a replacement is recommended.

Check 3. Ensure food (especially large containers) is not stacked and is not blocking the air vents. This will result in poor cold air circulation in some areas of the storage compartment.

Check 4. Make sure all food is covered or put in sealed containers. Moisture from foods such as vegetables and fruit can cause condensation to form inside your fridge.

Check 5. Finally, locate the temperature control in the fridge and freezer compartment and set the temperature to 3 degrees Celsius for the fridge and -18 degrees Celsius for the freezer (preferred).


  • If the condensation occurs on the doors, turn off the Energy Saving function.
  • If you open the doors frequently or for too long, it may cause moisture inside the fridge.

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