How do I use the Burst shot feature in the Camera app on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020
Camera S5

Your device supports a photo shooting mode called Burst shot. This mode lets you quickly capture up to 30 photos with just one touch and play them through one-by-one like a video. 

Turning On Burst Shot

1 Open the Camera app
1 Tap Settings
3 Then tap Burst Shot
4 You may see a message letting you know that Burst shot photos will be stored on your device's internal memory
5 Tap OK

To capture photos using Burst shot touch and hold the camera shutter button.  The photos will be saved in the Gallery app.

1 From the Home screen tap Apps

Note: Burst shot photos will continue to be saved to your device's internal memory even if you have a microSD card installed and have set the camera to use the microSD card for storage.

Play Burst shot photos

1 From the Home screen touch Apps
2 Open Gallery
3 Tap Burst shot photoson the picture set you wish to view
4 To play the burst shot, tap
5 Touch to choose a playback speed.

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