How to check for Android OS updates on my Galaxy device?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020
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Operating system updates are released periodically for your device. If you are having difficulty with your device, you should always check for updates as a fix for the problem may have been released. 


Android code names are named after sweets and treats, with major new versions released annually. You'll often see operating system updates referred to by their name rather than the version number, however on your device the Android version you are using will be displayed as a number rather than a name.

Android Name and Version Number

Q: Versions 10.0

Pie: Versions 9.0

Oreo: Versions 8.0 

Nougat: Versions 7.0

Marshmallow: Versions 6.0

Lollipop: Versions 5.0

Kit Kat: Versions 4.4-4.4.4

Jelly Bean: Versions 4.1-4.3.1

Ice Cream Sandwich: Versions 4.0-4.04

Checking for updates

1 From the Homescreen tap the Apps button or swipe up/down to view apps
2 Open the Settings application
3 Scroll to the bottom to find About Device or About Phone
4 Scroll down to find Android Version
Alternatively, you may have to select Software Information to view Android Version



Pie OS

Pie OS

Nougat and Oreo OS

Nougat and Oreo

Marshmallow OS




Kit Kat


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