How to take Super Slow-mo videos on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

Last Update Date : Apr 20. 2018
Super Slow-Mo

• What is Super Slow-mo?
• How to take Super Slow-mo videos on Galaxy S9/S9+?
• How to edit Super Slow-mo videos?
• Super Slow-mo in Auto mode
• Special Editing features

What is Super Slow-mo?

What is Super Slow-mo?Click to Expand

Super Slow-mo is a new camera feature added to the Galaxy S9/S9+ that allows you to capture high-speed actions and play them in super slow motion. Here are some key points:      

• Super Slow-mo (960 frames per second) vs Slow Motion (240 fps) vs Normal video (30 fps)

• Random background music will be inserted automatically after taking the video

• 3 types of animated-GIFs will be generated automatically

• Super Slow-mo captures for 0.2 secs and could be played approximately 6.4 secs long

• Super Slow-mo can be used up to 20 times in a video

• Super Slow-mo only supports HD (720p) resolution

How to take Super Slow-mo videos on Galaxy S9/S9+

How to take Super Slow-mo videos on Galaxy S9/S9+Click to Expand
1 Go to Camera app > tap Super Slow-mo (see top of screen)
Samsung application
Tap super slow mo
2 Tap the Setting icon > Super Slow-mo. Set the mode
Tap Setting icon
Tap super slow-mo
Set the model for super slow-mo
3 Auto mode: Super Slow-mo moments are automatically selected for you
Tap Auto Mode
4 Manual mode: Tap the Super Slow-mo button whenever you want to capture something in super slow motion
Tap Manual mode

How to edit Super Slow-mo videos?

How to edit Super Slow-mo videos?Click to Expand
1 Go to Gallery > Select a super slow-mo video > Tap the icon (4 circles) in the centre of the screen
Samsung apllications
Select a super slow-mo video
Tap on super slo-mo Icon
2 Select a super slow-motion section of the video
3 To turn off the super slow-motion effect > Tap the slow-motion icon
Turn-off super slow mo
4 To crop out a desired section > Tap the crop icon (grey scissors). Drag the start bracket and the end bracket to the desired points to select the section you want to keep
To crop a desired section of super slo-mo video
5 To change the background music > Tap the music icon (musical note)
Change background music

Super Slow-mo in Manual and Auto Mode

Slow-mo in Manual and Auto ModeClick to Expand

Manual mode


In Manual mode, you call the shots when the super slow motion should happen by tapping the four-circle button beside the main camera button at the desired moment.


Auto mode


In Auto mode, the camera captures the moment in super slow motion automatically when movement is detected in the motion detection area. This is best used for hands-free recording.


To move the motion detection area, tap and hold the area inside the corners and drag it to a new location. To adjust the area size, tap and hold a corner and drag it.


Use Auto mode in a place that has sufficient light. Please note that in Auto mode, recording may begin at an unwanted moment if there are conditions such as the following:
• When the device shakes

• When another object is moving near the subject in the motion detection area

• When recording under a flickering light, such as a fluorescent light 

• When recording in dark areas where noise occurs

• When you play the video, the segments recorded in super slow motion will play in slow motion


Multi-take (By default): Record a video and capture multiple moments in super slow motion.


Single-take (In camera settings): Record a short video by capturing a single action in super slow motion.

Special Editing Features

Special Editing FeaturesClick to Expand

• GIFs

In the Gallery, super slow motion videos are designated in four circles, or you can open the Super Slow-mo Clip
folder to find them. You can trim them from there to remove unwanted frames. Swipe up on the video to make your own A-GIFs in three different styles of looping: reverse, forward and swing.      


• Auto BGM

After the videos are taken, Auto BGM provides random Background Music inserted automatically. You can add music
to your video from a set of preloaded soundtracks or use a song from your own playlist.      


• Super Slow-mo as Wallpaper

Relive those epic Super Slow-mo moments by putting them on your lock screen. Simply select a clip, tap on the four-dot
menu icon, and tap Set as Wallpaper.      


• Easy Sharing

Once done, you can instantly share your masterpiece with friends via message, email, and social media (file size 640 x 352, around 10-15MB).

Common Phenomenon

Common PhenomenonClick to Expand

Video screen flickers and black lines appear when recording in Super Slow-mo mode


This is due to light source that takes the form of a flashing frequency of the fluorescent lamp to the camera. Flicker phenomenon can mainly be generated at a shutter speed of 1/120 or higher and it occurs in the characteristics of the CMOS sensor. 



This is normal operation which can happen on all camera with CMOS sensor and it’s caused by CMOS sensor’s original specification. We recommend to use Super Slow-motion under LED lighting to reduce this phenomenon.


Video quality is poor and dark when playback a Super Slow-mo video



Super slow motion captures 960 frames per second and use faster shutter speed, short exposure time and high sensitivity as compared to normal video at 30fps and low motion video at 240fps.
If you record a super slow motion video in dark areas, noise may occurs. Thus we recommend to use this feature in a place that has sufficient light.

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