How to use Gear IconX without a mobile device

Last Update date : Jan 28. 2022

To control the Gear IconX(2018), there’s no need to check a display, just use the touchpad or voice commands. Play or pause your music, turn up the sound, make a phone call. All you have to do is tap the Gear IconX (2018), and a whole new world of convenience is at your fingertips.

Using the touchpad

You can control music playback and answer or reject calls with the touchpad.


The direction in which you wear the earbuds will affect the direction of your dragon the touchpad. Wear the earbuds correctly. Refer to Wearing the earbuds for more information.


  • To avoid hurting your ears, do not apply excessive pressure to the touchpad withyour fingertips.
  • To avoid damaging the touchpad, do not tap it with anything sharp.

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