My Galaxy phone is heating up, is this normal?

Last Update date : Jan 08. 2021

This phenomenon is normal and is simply due to the device's CPU activity. When running multiple apps, the CPU processes more tasks and as a result, additional heat is given off. This happens on most electronic devices (even computers/laptops), including the devices of other manufacturers.


My phone is heating up


Reasons your phone warms up

• During the initial setup after purchase or when restoring data 
• Intensive Camera use
• Using apps that require more power or using apps for extended periods 
• While multitasking (or, when running many apps in the background) 
• Exposed to Extreme Heat
• Blocked Ventilation 
• Poor Signal Strength
• Charging the battery with a damaged USB cable 
• Device’s multipurpose jack is damaged or exposed to foreign materials, such as liquid, dust, metal powder, and pencil lead.


Ways to Cool Your Phone and Keep It Efficient

• Keep the device updated with the latest software. 
• Remove the phone’s case
• Move it from direct sunlight
• Reduce the display brightness
• Deactivate the Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth features when not using them. 
• Close apps that increase battery consumption or that run in the background when not in use.
• Delete unnecessary files or unused apps. 

Once you’ve done this, try the following to avoid further overheats:

• Use Battery Saver mode.
• Clean up your phone to remove junk files.
• Reduce Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS use unless needed.

NOTE: If abnormal heating continues, then kindly visit the nearest Samsung authorized Service Center.  

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