How to update the software and firmware on Samsung Smart TV?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

 The Software Update menu lets you upgrade your TV’s software to the latest version. You should always check to see if there are any software updates available as these may contain a fix for your problem.

Update automatically via Internet

Using your TV's remote, navigate to Settings, and then tap Support. Tap Software Update, and then select Update Now


When your TV detects a new update, it will download and install it before you can proceed to watch anything or use the TV's other functions. This may take several minutes, depending on the nature of the update.


Note: Images below may differ slightly depending on your model and operating system

Update via USB

If your TV is not connected to the Internet or you prefer to install software/firmware updates locally, you have the option of doing this via USB.

1 To update the TV, visit the Samsung Download Center . Select Manuals & Software Downloads.
2 You can either select your Product type and then search for your TV, or select Enter Model Number to access the support page for your specific TV model.
Product Tyoe
3 Download the file Upgrade File(USB type) and save it to your desktop
Upgrade File
4 When the file has finished downloading, locate it and then unzip the file. Navigate through the folders until you access the files required for the update.
5 Save the extracted folder to a USB flash drive. Do not save the file inside a folder
6 Plug the USB into the back of the TV or One Connect Box. Using your TV's remote, navigate to Settings. Follow the appropriate menu path

ㆍ 2018 Models - Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now

ㆍ 2017 Models - Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now

ㆍ 2016 Models - Settings > Support > Software Update > Update now

ㆍ 2015 Models - MENU > Support > Software Update > ENTER

ㆍ2014 Models - Support > Software Update > Update now

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updated software. Updates usually take a few minutes; please do not turn off the TV until the update is complete. When the update is finished, the TV will restart automatically.

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