How to use Smart Hub

Last Update date : Mar 16. 2022

With  SMART HUB, you can surt the web, download apps, and stay in touch with family and friends through social networking services.   In addition, you can enjoy photo, video, and music files stored on external storage devices.

Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

Connecting to Internet

1 Connect the TV to the internet via a wired or wireless connection.
2 Set up Network setting via MENU → Network → Network Settings

Launching Smart Hub

1 Follow the on-screen instruction to setup Smart Hub.
2 Once installed, press the SMART HUB button to open the first screen and select the panel icon. On the panel screen for each service panel, the following are available :

Game : You can view all game apps provided by SMART HUB. Download and play game being selected. In addition, you can manage games that you have downloaded or purchased with your Samsung account
Samsung Apps : You can enjoy variety of free and for pay news, sports weather and gaming apps on the TV as you would on a smart phone or tablet
On TV : You can view the current programs on TV at a glance and view programs recommendation by channel or programs that will be broadcast later. In addition, you can also watch recorded videos
Movie & TV Shows : You can purchase and view a movie or TV program directly through the app provided by SMART HUB connecting an external video source such as a DVD or Blu-Ray player
Multimedia : You can play back photo, video and music files from an external storage device or watch


  • Some of the Smart Hub services are paid services. To use a paid service, you must have an account with the service provider or a Samsung account.   
  • The TV must be connected to the internet to access Smart Hub. 
  • Some SMART HUB features may not be available depending on the service provider, language, or region.  
  • Smart Hub service outages can be caused by disruptions in your Internet service.   You can view the entire text of the Terms & Policy document by navigating to Support > Terms & Policy.  If you want to stop using Smart Hub, you can cancel the agreement.

Learn more information on  How to activate or deactivate the Smart Hub

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