My Samsung television turns off automatically

Last Update Date : Jun 21. 2019

There are four cases in which your TV either turns itself off or appears to turn itself off. 


ㆍCustomer is using the TV as a monitor and the PC is in sleep mode

ㆍNo signal from Cable or satellite box

ㆍSleep timer is set

ㆍOff timer is set


Please see the below list of possible solutions, but please note that some of the functions below may not apply to all models.

Eco Solution

The Eco Solution function switches the power off if it detects that you are receiving no signal from the current source (e.g. if you have switched your set top box to standby mode) or if no user operation is received after four hours.


You can change the Eco Solution options by going to: Settings> General > Eco Solution > Auto Power Off
On some older models, you may need to go to:Menu > System > Eco Solution

Other Solutions

Check to see if you have a Sleep Timer set. This appears on older models. and can be changed by going to Menu > System > Time > Sleep Timer


Some older models can turn themselves on and off if the Standby Mode Upgrade option in the menu is enabled.

If this function is enabled, your TV will partly turn on (there should be no sound or picture) and only the stand-by light will flash. In this mode the TV searches for


the latest firmware update via the RF broadcast signal and receives the latest update if one is present.


You can change this in Settings > Software Upgrade > Standby Mode Upgrade and then set the feature to Off


If you have tried all the above solutions and the problem is still occuring, check that the firmware on your TV is up to date. 

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