Discover a new perspective with Bixby Vision

Last Update date : Sep 06. 2022

Bixby Vision is a service that allows users to quickly search for information using images from their camera or gallery. 

Operation of the Bixby Vision service with a photo of devices.

Various similar images can be searched along with products, people, landmarks, animal/plant information, and it can extract text from images to translate into different languages.

Bixby Vision is possible to obtain wine information just by recognizing the label.


Specific requirements

Before using the Bixby Vision, you should know:

  • A data network (Wi-Fi or Internet connection) is required.
  • Using mobile data while using Bixby Vision may incur additional charges.
  • Service providers and content providers may vary by country and device.
  • Bixby Vision does not provide a QR recognition function, and QR recognition is only possible with the QR code scanner of the quick panel (which differs depending on One UI version).

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