how often do i have to make calibration

Last Update date : Sep 29. 2022

If you have calibrated your Galaxy Watch, make sure that the calibration is up to date. The Galaxy Watch must be recalibrated every 28 days. Check the BP App screen on either the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy phone to see the calibration status.

View of a user taking his blood pressure with a Samsung Watch.

Re-calibrate every 28 days. This product has been tested by calibration every 28 days for measurement accuracy. Even if the user changed, the measurement should be made after calibration by the new user.

After 28 days of the last calibration, the measurement cannot be made. This is an issue that is enforced by the certificating authority for measurement accuracy.

If you enter 'Notifications' in the drawer menu and turn on ‘Calibration reminder', you will be notified 3 days prior to calibration.

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