What are Samsung Wallet’s main features

Last Update date : Sep 29. 2022

Samsung Wallet creates a secure environment that allows you to make payments or manage your data with all your personal information well protected.

View of Samsung Wallet Quick menu and features.

You can add your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, membership cards, or digital keys to your devices. On top of that, you can store and check your personal data and digital assets to make payments in an easy and safe way:

  • Samsung Pay is accepted in millions of places. Use it to buy things in stores, on the web, and with participating merchant apps.
  • For an extra layer of security, each transaction with Samsung Pay is covered by your bank’s fraud protection and offers authentication via fingerprint, pin number, or iris scan. Your card information is encrypted in a separate and secure data vault.
  • Discover deals, gift cards, promotions and offers from thousands of local and national stores.
  • Store passwords, addresses, and card details to use it for easier online browsing and shopping.
  • Unlock, lock, start your car and more from your smartphone with the revolutionary UWB technology.

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