[Galaxy S6/S6 EDGE]Why the fast charger connector gets hot while charging?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

The Galaxy S6 has a built-in fast charging feature.

Thus, you can use this fast charging feature to charge the battery more quickly while the device or its screen is turned off.


Fast charging uses battery charging technology that charges the battery faster by increasing the charging power. The Galaxy S6 charger has specification of 9V /1.67A (15 Watts), while the charger of  older devices : 5V / 2A (10 Watts)


As a result, when charging the Galaxy S6 by fast charging feature, temperature of the charger connector part may rise during charging until about 60% battery capacity because charging speed increases rapidly.


But, if the device heats up or the ambient air temperature rises, the charging speed may decrease automatically.


This is a normal operating condition to prevent damage to the device.

*To use Fast charging on your Galaxy S6,


- Connect device directly to a battery charger that supports Samsung’s Adaptive fast charging feature or Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. If you charge the battery using a standard battery charger, you cannot use the built-in fast charging feature.

- Turn the device or its screen off when you charge the battery to increase the charging speed. You cannot use the fast charging feature when the screen is turned on.

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