Overview of Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020
Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

• Receive an alert if there's unexpected movement in your home

• Receive an alert if children access dangerous or off-limit areas

• Set connected lights, speakers, and cameras to turn on or off when motion is detected, or when the temperature changes

• And much more

Please note: Requires a Connect Home

Turn on a light when motion is detected

1 On the home screen, tap on the Menu icon (three vertical bars on the left)
Tap Menu
2 Tap Automations
Tap Automations
3 Tap + icon
Tap + icon
4 Add one of the recommended or create a custom automation
Add one of the recommended or create a custom automation

Create a Custom Automation

5 Tap + icon under IF column to add Conditions

a. Based on a device status
Add Conditions
Based on a device status
6 Choose the Motion Sensor
7 Tap Motion Sensor
Tap Motion sensor
8 Tap Motion detected > Next
Tap Motion detected
9 Tap the + icon under THEN column
10 Choose your Light
11 Tap On (Set dimmer level and color if applicable)
12 Tap Done twice, then Save to save the Automation

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