Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose sensor is not connecting

Last Update date : Aug 01. 2022

If your Multipurpose sensor is not connecting, ensure that SmartThings Hub is installed and follow these steps:

1 Delete the sensor

On Samsung SmartThings home screen, tap Multipurpose Sensor > tap More (3 vertical dots on the top right) > Edit > Delete device
2 Reset the sensor

a. To re-add Multiipurpose Sensor, tap + on the home screen > Add Device > SmartThings > Multi-functional Sensors
b. While the Connect Home is searching, hold down the Connect button on the Multipurpose Sensor for 5 seconds
c. Release the button when the LED light starts blinking red. The LED should blink green three times when it connects to the Hub
3 How far away is the sensor from the Connect Home?

a. Bring the sensor within 10-feet (3-meters) of the Connect Home and try the reset and repeat the steps detailed in Setup. Confirm the sensor is working

b. Move the to the final location and confirm it continues operating  

4 Confirm the LED is blinking

a. Check that the LED on the sensor is lighting to ensure battery is not drained and is firmly seated within the casing. Replace battery if necessary (1 CR-2450)

5 Check that the sensor did not pair in the background or pairs silently

a. To check, go the device list in the app: My Devices. Look for a device with the generic name Multipurpose Sensor

6 Reboot the hub

a. Tap Wi-Fi hub on home screen > Tap the picture of Wi-Fi hub device > Reboot Device > Reboot
b. If the Connect Home does not respond to the reboot command, hard reboot it by unplugging the power for 30 seconds

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