Universal Switch

Universal Switch

Universal Switch

A universal switch lets you designate certain touches or gestures to control specific actions on your phone. You can set a single switch or have multiple switches with an external hardware device or the front camera. You can set as many Universal Switch settings as necessary to suit your own needs.


There are 2 types of switch that can be used. You can add multiple switches to designate certain actions to control your phone.

  • • Camera

    Use the front camera (capable of supporting six switches: open mouth, blink eyes and move your head left, right, up and down).

  • • External hardware switch

    Choose from various hardware switches and connect them to your device through Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Switch action

When you select a specific item or location on your screen, you can perform various related actions.

  • • Select item (required)

    See the pop-up action menu related to selected item or location.

  • • Move to next/previous item

    Move the scan focus to the next or the previous item.

  • • Turn Auto scan on or off

    Turn ‘Auto scan screen and menus’ on or off.

  • • Home screen, Back, Recently used apps

    Run features through actions equivalent to pressing the corresponding buttons.

  • • Talk to Bixby

    Call Bixby (side key press and hold).

  • • Open notifications or quick panel

    Open the notification panel or the quick panel.

  • • Increase/decrease volume

    Increase or decrease ringtone or media volume.

  • • Tap

    Activate the selected item.

  • • Touch and hold

    Touch and hold the selected item.

  • • Scrolls

    Scroll the screen in the selected direction.

Selecting item or location

Universal switch provides two different ways to select an on-screen item by default: Group and Item by item.
- Group scan lets you select a group quickly, then select what you want in the group
- Item by item scan lets you select individual items

You can also start with Point scan.
- Point scan lets you select a specific location on the screen by choosing a point of intersection from vertical and horizontal scans

  • • Auto scan screen and menus

    Turn automatic scanning on or off (row scan mode).

  • • Number of scans

    Set the number of times the scan loops.

  • • Default scan method

    Choose between row scan and point scan.

  • • Scan direction

    Set the scan direction, from top to bottom or bottom to top.

  • • Scan speed

    Set the scan speed of row scan and point scan.

  • • Tap to slow scan temporarily

    Reduce point scan speed temporarily so you can select more easily.

Timing adjustment

Universal switch timing settings can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • • Pause on first item

    Select the additional duration of the pause to momentarily remain on the first item while auto scanning.

  • • Auto tap selected item

    Select an item and after a set period of time, the item will automatically be tapped. Tap the switch again if you want to view the action menu related to the selected item during the set time.

  • • Tap duration

    Select how long a switch needs to be performed for it to be recognised as a switch action (must be less than the auto tap length).

  • • Ignore repeated actions

    When the same action is repeated, ignore it unless a set time has passed.


Universal switch provides voice and sound feedback. It also lets you change the colour of the scanning crosshairs while point scanning or the outline focus colour to improve visibility.

Action menu

When you select a specific item or location on your screen, the action menu will appear so that you can perform various actions.

  • • Gestures

    Press, long press, scroll up, scroll down, swipe left, swipe right, drag and drag and drop.

  • • Actions

    Zoom in on screen contents, rotate screen, set sound mode, turn off screen, open notifications and take screenshots.

  • • Settings

    Adjust scan speed, change scan method, change scan direction, turn on audio and turn off sound.

  • • Recently opened apps

    Run the Recently opened apps screen.

  • • Home screen

    Go to Home screen.

  • • Back

    Go to previous screen.

  • • Hard keys

    Adjust ringtone and media volume, open Bixby, talk to Bixby and view Power off menus (equivalent to a long press of the Power key).

  • • Show text input menu

    When you select a text input box, this menu will appear to let you select characters, move the cursor, copy, paste and cut.

  • • Contextual menu

    Place a contextual menu on pop-up action menu depending on the activity.

  • Device images simulated for illustrative purposes.