Unfolding the Future


Long lasting attitude:
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G design story

If ability is about having the capacity to accomplish something, attitude serves as the mindset that makes that accomplishment a reality. The attitude of Galaxy Z Fold2 5G consists of the determination for expansion, the power of flexibility, and confidence.

Transcend the limitations of yesterday, complete more tasks than ever and focus on the essence of your identity with Galaxy Z Fold2 5G.
Broaden Your Vision
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G has a larger 6.2” Cover Screen which improves on usability while the Main Screen extends as far as 7.6” when opened. Both modes feature delicately refined UI which elevates the quality of the overall experience. Sporting a thinner bezel and notch-less Infinity-O display, it maximises immersion for users to fully enjoy the privileges of a bigger screen.

The Cover Screen now has a size comparable to an ordinary smartphone, allowing users to do more even in a folded state and easily carry out tasks like watching videos, taking pictures, or replying to messages. A newly introduced function on the Main Screen lets you complete multiple tasks seamlessly; easily attach photos by dragging it from one partitioned screen to another, or load a news article on the internet browser in one window while opening another to look up information based on the article.

As we live in a time where nothing is certain, people have learned to cope with change and broaden the horizons of their personal scopes. They defy limitations and constantly seek new experiences to face the challenges of tomorrow — and Galaxy Z Fold2 5G firmly stands by the side of those who aspire to push their boundaries.
Embrace Flexibility
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G continues the legacy of Samsung foldables’ unique disposition that emphasizes flexibility and versatility, shifting its form to meet the situation at hand and providing the most appropriate and necessary experiences to users. The device can be used in different angles based on different needs, whether it’s expanding for a comfortable full Main Screen or even standing upright in a folded position.

The Aramid Standing Cover can be used to prop up Galaxy Z Fold2 5G like a picture frame or use it while folded when taking pictures or recording videos in any desired angle. With Flex Mode*, allowing total freedom and flexibility to multi-task such as watching videos in the folded position or leaving notes through the partitioned screen during a video call.

We embody a colourful array of behaviors and attitudes in our lives and these varied expressions can be interpreted as representations that are often not easily defined with a single identity. The many shapes, forms, and functions of Galaxy Z Fold2 5G are a response to this desire and trend in the modern user, accommodating the diverse circumstances in our lives.

*Flex Mode is only supported on compatible apps.
Be Confidently Different
A simple form made up of straight lines and colours that boast modern stylishness come together to create the bold impressions unique to Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. This confident premium style stands out in any time or place, capturing the attention of anyone in its presence.

The device comes in two colours: Mystic Bronze captures the glimmer of soothing confidence while carrying a premium style created through a mysteriously glowing haze effect, while the elegant Mystic Black features a composed tone that reminds you of the sentiments of the city.

The refined form of Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is neat and composed. The slim and sturdy design is not only appealing to the eyes, but also gently and easily fits into your hands for a great tactile experience.

The special experiences from Galaxy Z Fold2 5G are designed with users as the top priority and are appropriate in any moment of everyday usage. Through the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, discover an inner self that is more confident than yesterday and courageously unfold the possibilities of tomorrow with a determined attitude. Learn more