Hot key function

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2018






F1 1 

l   Settings: Launch the Settings application.

F2 2 

F3 3 

l   Screen brightness control: Adjust the brightness level.

F4 4 

l   LCD/External monitor: Switch between the LCD and and external display device when an external display device is connected to the computer.

F5 5 

l   Touchpad: Turn on or off the touchpad function.

F6 6 

l   Mute: Mute or unmute the audio.

F7 7 

F8 8 

l   Volume Control: Adjust the volume level.

F9 9 

l   Keyboard backlight: Turn the keyboard backlight on or off.

  F10 0 

l   Hide the screen or window by decreasing the brightness of the display.

F11 11 

l   Turn off the camera and sound recorder to prevent unauthorized access and illegal recording.

F12 12 

l   Wi-Fi: Turn a Wi-Fi network on or off.

  Fn+ 13 

l   Right-click: Perform the right-click function.

l   Open the app commands of the selected application on the Start screen.


If the hot keys do not work properly, install the Settings application.

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