Gear S3: How do I Transfer Music Files from my Mobile Device?

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2018

Import Music from Mobile Device to Gear S3


On the Apps screen of the mobile device, tap the Samsung Gear app


( 1 ) Tap Send Content to Gear 

(2-1) Tap Select Tracks

(2-2) Select the tracks you wish to send  

(2-3) Tap DONE




When the Gear does not have enough available memory, it deletes files that you have not set as your favorites in an order from the oldest to the newest.




Sync Music in Mobile Device with Gear S3


(3) Tap the Auto sync switch




The music in your mobile device will be synced with your Gear when the Gear is charging or has more than 15 % of remaining battery power.




Access Transferred Music


1 1 






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