eSIM FAQ on Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE (Hong-Kong version)

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020


1. What is an eSIM service?

The term "e-SIM" relates to a new SIM standard being promoted by the GSMA and will be used across all network operators worldwide in the future. It will come in the form of an embedded SIM card, one that cannot and need not be removed from a device - something that consumer electronics manufacturers are also keen to adopt for connected items around the house as part of the Internet of Things. A new SIM will not be required, nor should there be any time delay in switching the e-SIM to its new purpose. There will also be no physical swapping over required by the user.

2. Why do I need eSIM profile on my Galaxy Watch LTE?

Network operator’s eSIM profile is equivalent to your conventional SIM card that contains all personal SIM information. The eSIM profile allows the Galaxy Watch LTE to connect to your network operator to send and receive calls, SMS, and access apps, independently without Bluetooth® pairing to your smartphone.
This excludes the Bluetooth® version of Galaxy Watch which requires a smartphone to make calls.


3. How do I activate the eSIM Profile on Galaxy Watch LTE?

The eSIM needs to be activated via a phone that supports the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app (for Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE) by scanning the QR code provided by network operator where the information of the eSIM will be downloaded onto the wearable for activation.
Compatibility between Samsung Galaxy Wearable app (for Galaxy Watch LTE) and your mobile phone is subjected to Samsung’s specifications. Depending on its compatibility, additional app plug-ins may be required.

4. How long does it take to download a profile?

Download speeds vary depending on your network connection.

5. How do I activate the network profile again?

For the current phase, the re-activation of the network operator profile is not automatic but triggered by a manual end-user request. You need to re-download and activate the profile again.

6. I would like to switch to a new network operator. Can I change the eSIM profile on the wearable?

Yes, you can delete the eSIM profile and download the new eSIM profile from the QR Code given to you by the new network operator.

7. Is there any protection in the eSIM to prevent the profile from being accidentally removed?

The deletion of the profile in the eSIM is protected via a confirmation message request on the primary phone device on wearable to end-user to prevent accidental deletion.

9. I accidentally reset the eSIM on the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE. How do I download my eSIM profile again?

You can download your eSIM profile again by scanning the QR code provided by your network operator.

10. I have trouble downloading my eSIM profile, what should I do?

You can attempt to download again by scanning QR code. For more assistance, please contact your respective network operators.

11. I cannot locate my QR Code. How can I download my eSIM profile again?

You can request for a new QR Code from your network operator. Prevailing charges for SIM card replacement may apply.

Operator Related Services

13. What do I need to do if I want to port-in my mobile number to another network operator?

You will need to ensure that the network operator supports eSIM and you will require performing the following:

Delete your current operator profile from your device menu

Request for a new eSIM QR Code

Perform necessary activation process to downloads a new profile

Manage the number portability as for physical SIMs

14. Does the eSIM support VOLTE?

Yes, VOLTE is available with 4G ClearVoice eSIM to complement your experience on the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE which supports 4G ClearVoice.

15. Can I sign up data roaming on my Galaxy Watch LTE?

Yes. For more assistance, please contact your respective network operators.

Other Questions

16. What should I do if I sell or pass on my Galaxy Watch LTE to a friend?

You should delete your eSIM profile by resetting your eSIM and terminate your operator tariff plan tied to Galaxy Watch LTE. If your Galaxy Watch LTE has your eSIM profile, the usage incurred on the wearable will still be billed to you.

17. My Galaxy Watch LTE was stolen/lost. What should I do?

Please contact your respective network operators immediately to report the loss. The mobile line will be temporarily disconnected to prevent unauthorized usage. Alternatively, you may visit your respective network operators to report the loss of your Galaxy Watch LTE.

18. If I purchase Galaxy Watch LTE without an active subscription, Will I be able to use via Bluetooth® connection?

Yes, without an active mobile network connection, Galaxy Watch LTE will function as a companion device with your phone.

19. I’m unable to connect my Galaxy Watch LTE to network. What should I do?

From the Apps screen on your phone, please tap Settings and check under Connections that your internet connection and MMS connection are correct and ensure that your mobile data is turned on.
If you are still unable to connect, please contact your respective network operators.

20. Does Galaxy Watch LTE have a browser to surf the net?

The Galaxy Watch LTE doesn’t have access to web browsers but has the capability of downloading apps from the Galaxy Apps. You can use these apps directly from your Galaxy Watch LTE.

21. Can I reply and delete emails on Galaxy Watch LTE, I am using a non-Samsung phone?

Email support is limited to notifications on non-Samsung phones. Notifications, reply and delete functions are supported only on Samsung phones.

22. My Galaxy Watch LTE cannot send or receive message and notification

Message features may vary depends on Smartwatch and phone setting. Please turn on/off Bluetooth connection on the phone and turn on Remote Connected on the Galaxy Watch LTE.

23. My Galaxy Watch LTE cannot dial out or ring with incoming calls

Phone call features may vary depends on Smartwatch and phone setting. If your Smartphone has no SIM inserted and is connected to Galaxy Watch LTE via Bluetooth, then Galaxy Watch LTE will have no cellular connection. In this case, Galaxy Watch LTE cannot dial out or ring with incoming calls. Please turn off Bluetooth connection with the phone and change network setting to Always-on on Galaxy Watch LTE.

24. Can I add a new eSIM with same network provider where I have a previous eSIM in watch?

Please remove the previous eSIM before adding a new eSIM with same network provider.


25. What should I do if I forget the security PIN code that I set on Galaxy Watch LTE?

You may reset your wearable by signing remotely to your Samsung account and go to Samsung Galaxy Wearable app and find option via Find My Watch > Control remotely and Reset Watch. Alternatively, you may go to After reset, please re-pair to your phone again.
To back up your data on your wearable, you will need to connect to the primary phone device via Bluetooth® and access the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app > About Watch > Backup and restore.

26. How do I delete eSIM from Galaxy Watch LTE?

We recommend you deleting eSIM from Galaxy Watch LTE and back up your data before the Smartwatch is being repaired by a service center, resold or given to a friend in order to protect your privacy.


Remove eSIM from Watch UI

1 Go to idle screen
esim, galaxy watch, samsung, watch, sim watch, lte, smartwatch, smart watch, privacy, remove, delete
2 Tap "Settings"
settings, esim, samsung galaxy watch, lte, hong kong, sim watch, smart watch, smartwatch
3 Tap "Connections"
esim, sim watch, samsung galaxy watch, lte, smart watch, smartwatch
4 Go to "Mobile networks"
esim, sim watch, samsung galaxy watch, lte, mobile networks, delete esim, remove esim
5 Tap on "Remove all networks"
remove all networks, esim, sim watch, samsung galaxy watch, lte, delete esim, remove esim
6 Remove all networks description will be shown
smart watch, smartwatch, disconnect, mobile networks, remove all networks, samsung galaxy watch, lte, delete esim
7 If you agree with the removal, Tick the radio icon
network, mobile networks, data plan, samsung galaxy watch, lte, smart watch, smartwatch, sim watch, delete, remove, esim
8 Tap "REMOVE"
network, data plan, remove, esim, delete esim, smartwatch, smart watch, samsung galaxy watch, lte, hong kong


Remove eSIM from Galaxy Wearable App

1 Go to "Galaxy Wearable" app and tap on "Settings"
settings, galaxy watch, lte, wearable, application, app, galaxy wearable, esim, delete esim, remove esim, samsung galaxy watch
2 Tap on "Mobile networks"
samsung galaxy watch, lte, mobile networks, galaxy watch, wearable, smartwatch, smart watch, delete network, remove network, esim
3 Tap on "Remove"
mobile network, network, remove, samsung galaxy watch lte, smartwatch, smart watch, delete esim, esim removal
4 Remove networks description will be shown
remove esim, samsung galaxy watch lte, hong kong, delete esim, mobile network, remove, data plan
5 If you agree with the removal, Tick the radio icon and then tap "Remove"
network, remove, cancel data plan, samsung galaxy watch lte, hong kong, esim, delete esim, mobile network, smart watch

IOS Compatibility

27. Will Galaxy Watch LTE work with Apple iPhones?

Galaxy Watch LTE is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above. These shall include the iPhone 5 or new smartphone. Compatibility with the iOS platform is available in markets where Galaxy Wearable devices are currently being sold.

28. How can I connect my iOS device to Galaxy Watch LTE?

To connect a compatible iOS device to a Galaxy Wearable device, users will need to download the Samsung Galaxy Watch app for Galaxy Watch. Once the app is downloaded, users will be guided through steps to complete pairing with a compatible Samsung wearable.

29. Which features will be available to iOS users on the Galaxy Watch LTE?

Features and functions will vary by device. Users of compatible iOS devices will be able to receive (Bluetooth connected) and make calls on their own. In addition, Galaxy Watch LTE will be able to access S Health app and track fitness activities with the Alti-barometer and Speedometer apps.


Users that own a compatible iOS device and the Galaxy Watch LTE will be able to automatically track exercises including walking, running, cycling, and use of elliptical and rowing machines. They will also be able to track heart rate and sleep.


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