Watch Series Compatible List

Check for compatibility:

Gear S2
Gear S2 classic
Gear S3 classic
Gear S3 frontier
Gear Sport
Gear Fit2
Gear Fit2 Pro
Galaxy Watch
Galaxy Watch Active
Galaxy Watch Active2
Galaxy Fit
Galaxy Fitⓔ

Galaxy Z Series

Galaxy Fold >
Galaxy Z Flip >

Galaxy S Series

Galaxy S III Neo (3G)
Galaxy S III (3G)
Galaxy S III (4G FDD-LTE)
Galaxy S4 (3G)
Galaxy S4 (4G FDD-LTE)
Galaxy S4 (4G TDD-LTE)
Galaxy S5 (4G LTE)
Galaxy S6 (4G LTE)
Galaxy S6 edge (4G LTE)
Galaxy S6 edge+ (4G LTE)
Galaxy S7 (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S7 edge (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S8 (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S8+ (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S9 (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S9+ (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S10e (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S10 (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S10+ (4G LTE) >
Galaxy S20 >
Galaxy S20+ >
Galaxy S20 Ultra >

Galaxy Note Series

Galaxy Note II (3G)
Galaxy Note II (LTE)
Galaxy Note3 (3G)
Galaxy Note3 (4G FDD-LTE)
Galaxy Note3 (4G TDD-LTE)
Galaxy Note4 (Dual SIM) (4G LTE)
Galaxy Note4 (4G FDD-LTE)
Galaxy Note Edge (4G FDD-LTE)
Galaxy Note5 (4G LTE)
Galaxy Note8 (4G LTE)
Galaxy Note9 (4G LTE)
Galaxy Note10 (4G LTE) >
Galaxy Note10+ (4G LTE) >
Galaxy Note10 Lite (4G LTE) >

Galaxy A Series

Galaxy A5 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A5 (2016) (4G LTE)
Galaxy A6+ (4G LTE)
Galaxy A7 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A7 (2016) (4G LTE)
Galaxy A8 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A8+ (4G LTE)
Galaxy A8 Star (4G LTE)
Galaxy A9 (2016) (4G LTE)
Galaxy A7 (2019) (4G LTE)
Galaxy A9 (2019) (4G LTE)
Galaxy A8s (2019) (4G LTE)
Galaxy A20 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A60 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A70 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A80 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A20s (4G LTE)
Galaxy A40s (4G LTE)
Galaxy A50s (4G LTE)
Galaxy A51 (4G LTE)
Galaxy A71 (4G LTE)

Other Series

Galaxy E7 (4G LTE)
Galaxy Mega (4G LTE)
Galaxy Mega 2 (4G LTE)
Galaxy K Zoom (3G)

Other Smartphones

phones running Android OS 4.4 or above with at least 1.5GB of free space
iOS phones running iOS 9.0 or above (iPhone 5 or newer models)
iOS phones running iOS 10.0 or above (iPhone 7 or newer models)

Technical Requirements

Model Memory OS Version Bluetooth Version
Gear S2 RAM 1.5GB OS JB 4.4 ↑ BT 4.0 ↑
Gear Fit2 RAM 1.5GB OS JB 4.4 ↑ BT 4.0 ↑
Gear S3 RAM 1.5GB OS JB 4.4 ↑ BT 4.0 ↑
Gear Sport RAM 1.5GB OS JB 4.4 ↑ BT 4.0 ↑
Galaxy Watch RAM 1.5GB Android OS 5.0 ↑ BT 4.2 ↑
Galaxy Watch Active RAM 1.5GB Android OS 5.0 ↑ BT 4.2 ↑
Galaxy Watch Active2 RAM 1.5GB Android OS 5.0 ↑ BT 4.2 ↑
Galaxy Fit RAM 1.5GB Android OS 5.0 ↑ BT 4.2 ↑
Galaxy Fit ⓔ RAM 1.5GB Android OS 5.0 ↑ BT 4.2 ↑

The following refers to restrictions that may occur with iPhones

  1. Since Gear and iPhones are connected via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), data loading and app download speed on the Gear device may be slow.
  2. In case of unstable connection to Gear S3 with iPhone 6S or 6S+ running iOS 10 and later, access the Bluetooth menu in Settings and unpair all connected Bluetooth devices but do not unpair the Gear S3 LE connection. Then turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on.
  3. Availability of features may change without prior notice when improvements are made to Gear and iPhone connection performance.
  4. Restrictions may apply based on hardware, software and iOS versions, as well as iOS-based restrictions; see below for further details:
    • Reply function unavailable (replying and message syncing for features such as text messaging, messenger app, emails).
    • S Health features unavailable (Together, viewing map, social media sharing, workout of the day recommendations, etc.).
    • Find my phone feature unavailable (Find my Gear feature is available).
    • Samsung device-only features unavailable (Samsung Pay, Nike Running, SOS functions, etc.).
    • Gear music manager (PC web version) must be used to send music files to the Gear device for playback on the Gear Music Player.
    • Only free apps and Gear-specific apps can be downloaded from the Gear app store.
    • Availability of app download may also vary by app developer, OS, software version and service region.

* The above information is subject to change.

* Gear S3 is not compatible with tablet PCs.

* Compatible smartphones and available features may vary by region and device.

* Upgrade Gear Manager to latest version to be compatible with Gear S. To support Gear/Gear2, Gear2 Neo and Gear Fit/Fit2, OS of the mobile device must be upgraded to 4.3 or higher version (except Galaxy Mega running on Android 4.2.2).

* Some Samsung Health/Fitness applications and related services available for Samsung wearable devices may not be compatible with Samsung tablet devices.
Applications and related services available for Samsung wearable devices may not be compatible with devices that do not support Samsung Gear Manager/ Gear Fit Manager application#

# Samsung Gear Manager: Gear S2, Gear S3

# Gear Fit Manager: Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 Pro