Sound Setting Menu in Smart 3D TV

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

Your Smart 3D TV's menu for sound settings will look like this:

Sound Setting Menu in Smart 3D TV

The following options are available under Sound settings menu:


Sound Mode: A selection of pre-set sound settings. Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice (emphasises vocals and dialog), Amplify (emphasises high frequency sounds), Stadium (best for Sports).  


• Sound Effect: Virtual Surround, Dialog Clarity, Equalizer. 


• 3D Audio: Adds a more immersive soundfield when watching 3D content - only accessible when viewing content in 3D.


• Speaker Settings: Selects between internal speakers, external audio system, or both.


• Digital Audio Output: Audio Format, Audio Delay (lip synch). 


• Sound Customiser: Provides and audio setup system using test tones. 


• Reset Sound: Returns sound settings to factory defaults. 

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