How to clean and maintain your Samsung Jet Bot

Samsung Jet Bot is designed so that it needs minimal upkeep from the owner, however it is still important to perform regular cleans and checks to prevent problems occurring. If you experience sensor issues, a reduction in cleaning performance or you suspect damage to the Jet Bot brush, try the cleaning steps outlined below to get the best performance out of your device.

For more information on Samsung Jet Bot read our FAQ all about what Jet Bot is.

To empty the dustbin in the Jet Bot follow the steps below.

1 Use the groove on the jet bot cover and lift to open.
2 Use the dustbin handle to remove the bin.
3 Open the clip on the side of the dustbin and lift the lid free.
4 Remove the filter from the dustbin.
5 Empty the dust from the bin and clean the filter. These are both fully washable.

Please note: Make sure all parts are dry before returning to the device.

6 Attach the filter to the Dustbin and insert the Dustbin into the Jet Bot. When inserting the Dustbin, grasp the handle and put the Dustbin into both grooves.

To empty the Clean Station follow the steps below.

Replacing the dust bag

1 Push the push button on the top of the Clean Station to open its cover.
2 Gently pull the top of the dust bag holder.
3 Remove the old dust bag.
4 Put a new dust bag into the dust bag holder by fitting it into the grooves.
5 Push the top of the dust bag holder gently until you hear a click.
6 Close the Clean Station cover.

Cleaning the Fine dust Filter

It is recommended to replace the fine dust filter at least once a year.

1 Using the grooves at the rear of the Clean Station, detach the Fine dust Filter cover.
2 Detach the Fine dust Filter.
3 Clean the Fine dust Filter using either a brush or by blowing out caught debris.
1 Slide the Brush Cover Lock to the right to unlock.
2 Detach the brush cover.
3 Lift up the left side of the brush first and then pull the brush from the groove on the right.
4 Clean the brush.
5 Reattach the brush.
6 Attach the brush cover.

Cleaning the spin brush

1 Cover the spin brush with a hot steamed cloth for 10 seconds.
2 Wipe the spin brush.

If the spin brush has become especially tangled with hair, threads, etc.: 

1 Detach the spin brush with a screwdriver while gripping the brush.
2 Remove the tangled material.
3 If the Spin Brush is badly damaged, replace it with a new one.

There are six different types of sensors on the Jet Bot. Wipe these down with a soft cloth. Don’t use cleaning liquids as these can damage the sensor.

1 Turn the Jet bot over and place it on a soft surface.
2 Remove any material caught in the wheels using a blunt rod or tweezers.

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