What to do if your washing machine does not spin as expected

There are several reasons which may explain why the spin performance of your washing machine does not complete as expected. Sometimes it can be because there are sensors in the machine that slow or stop the spin cycle automatically if it detects an issue. Use the guide below to help determine the possible reasons that can cause this issue and what you can do to try to resolve them.

For more information about your appliance consult your user manual.

Drum not turning at all

If the drum doesn’t turn at all during the wash cycle and the spin cycle, then this issue will likely require an engineer. To check this, you will need to run a short cycle, with no washing and no detergent. When the cycle has started, you will need to watch the drum. During the initial few minutes, the unit will fill with water, after this has happened you will need to look through the door to see if you can see the drum rotating. It is normal for it to stop and start a few times. If the drum is still not turning, you can request a repair.

Items come out not spun correctly: unbalanced loads

If your Samsung washing machine does not spin as expected during the rinsing or spinning phase of the cycle, it is most likely caused by an unbalanced load.

One sign that your load might be unbalanced is if the cycle time is sticking and pausing for extended periods of time (example: sticking with 9 minutes remaining, or any time from 23-9 minutes remaining).  

This video helps to explain: 

If a load unbalance is sensed during the start of a spin cycle or during a rinse cycle, the machine will attempt to automatically reposition the load by rotating slowly in both directions.

The auto-redistribution will happen multiple times depending on the cycle chosen and can extend the overall time by 30 minutes for particularly uneven loads.

If the washing machine decides the load is within safe limits and can be spun but at a slower speed, it will automatically adjust the final spin speed and complete. This is why the result can vary between loads and cycles.

On some appliances, a check Ub or UE error code may appear. This indicates an unbalanced load. Follow our guide to find out what to do if your Samsung washing machine is showing a Ub or UE code during a spin cycle. In most situations, you will NOT see this code as the washing machine will automatically resolve the issue by completing a reduced spin.

Follow these steps to manually adjust your load:

1 Open the door and redistribute the washing more evenly around the drum.
2 Check that the drum is not over or under loaded. There should be a hand’s width between the top of the laundry and the top of the drum.
3 Avoid washing single large items on their own, and check the items care label to see if it is suitable for machine washing. Bathmats, pillows, and towels washed on their own are unlikely to spin successfully, instead add some extra items to balance the load.
4 Refer to the user guide to check the cycle selected. If correct for the load, continue to step 5. If not, change the setting to a more appropriate cycle.
5 Start the cycle again.
6 If you still experience problems, try the appliance on a spin cycle with an empty load. This will show if it is the washing machine having problems or if the load is causing the problem.
Unable to select the spin speed I want to use

Each cycle has a preset optimum spin speed selected. This is selected automatically. You can usually change this manually to choose a slower speed. On most cycles you cannot select a higher speed than preset.

Typically, only a cotton cycle or dedicated spin cycle will allow a full spin speed to be selected. This is to protect your garments from damage caused by a spin phase that is too high for the material. Please consult the user guide for more information. 

Drum not draining or draining too slowly

If the drum has stopped draining the machine will not spin properly. Normally you will see a 5C check code. If it is draining but doing so too slowly you may not see a check code. A full explanation of these codes can be found in our guide on what the codes on my washing machine mean. It is also good practice to periodically clean the filter to prevent it from becoming blocked. 

Use the following steps to sort drainage issues:


Refer to our step-by-step-guide to find out what to do if your washing machine isn’t draining or filling.

2 Start the cycle again.
3 It is also worth checking to see if the drum physically turns when empty, by using your hand to check that the drum has not seized.
Motor issue

If your machine detects a motor issue, it will usually display a check code. Use our guide to find out what to do if your washing machine displays a code or symbol. There, you can find suggested solutions for each check code.

If the check code suggests there is a motor issue:

1 Switch off the appliance at the mains.
2 Wait 30 seconds.
3 Switch the appliance back on again.
4 Start a new programme.

If the problem persists, please contact Samsung Support.



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