What is a Digital Inverter Compressor in Samsung Frost Free Refrigerators?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) intelligently varies its power and running speed (as a variable) as per the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor. It significantly increases the overall appliance efficiency.


Compared to the traditional single speed compressor, the inverter compressor can run at a number of desired speeds, depending on how the refrigerator is being used by the consumer. This provides options for quick pull down or freezing, or to run at a very low speed once the cabinet is at a steady state, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption.


● Unlike a conventional compressor, DIC does not abruptly start and stop, ensuring consistent, uniform cooling and consuming less energy.

● Less Start & Stop also means low noise and less wear/tear of internal components, elongating compressor life.





 Conventional Compressors

Digital Inverter Compressors 

 The Noise level in Conventional Compressor is usually very high.

 It monitors temperature levels, making adjustments to its RPM speed; therefore, significantly reducing noise.

 The efficiency of Conventional Compressor is pretty low.0.

 It delivers up to 40 percent more energy efficiency than conventional compressors.

 The use of this compressor leads to a great increase in Green house emissions.

 The use of this compressor leads to decrease in Green house emissions.

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