Galaxy A10: Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update date : Sep 17. 2020
Why Call focus for selected SIM is not seen over Network bar?

It is a new user experience implementation in Android Pie OS.

In Oreo OS, only call preferred SIM was displayed. But in Pie OS, you can set different SIM for Call/Message/Data.

It provides more information on Quick panel. Open quick panel and check each preferred SIM name on it.


Why volume level not reset after reconnecting earphones?

It is a new Concept that default volume will not restore when reconnect earphones.

Is A10 support Adaptive Brightness?

Yes, Galaxy A10 support Adaptive Brightness.


By default adaptive brightness is off, it needs to enable from setting.

Why image resolution change option is not available in camera setting?

You can change image resolution from Camera Preview screen.

Does Galaxy A10 support Knox Security, Secure folder & Bixby feature?

  • Knox 3.3 supported.


  • Secure folder supported.


  • Bixby home not supported.
Does Galaxy A10 support Bike mode, S power planning , USB Backup and S secure applications?

Above all apps are removed from preload, you can use them after downloading from play store.

Does Galaxy A10 have Dual camera?

Dual camera is not supported in Galaxy A10.

Is Galaxy A10 Water resistant?

No, Galaxy A10 is not water resistant.


Does this device support 4K Video and Slow mo/Super Slow mo Recording?

4K Video streaming/Recording, Slow motion/Super Slow motion Recording are not supported in this device.
But you can use Netflix, prime video, etc properly in this handset .

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