How to block accidental touches on your Galaxy smartphone

Last Update date : Oct 26. 2023

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How to turn on Accidental touch protection

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Tap on Display

Step 3. Tap on  Accidental touch protection’ switch to turn on.

How to turn on Accidental touch protection

How to turn off Fingerprint always on on the Galaxy Z Flip

On Galaxy Z Flip, there is a way to avoid accidental fingerprint touches by turning off 'Fingerprint always on' setting.


Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Search for and select Fingerprint always on

Step 3. If you already have a fingerprint saved, disable this feature by tapping the switch next to Fingerprint always on


After turning on Accidental touch protection, you may notice a small pixel-sized light flashing on the top of your phone in the dark. When you touch the screen while the Accidental touch protection function is activated and Always-on display is preset to 'Tap to show', such small light flicker will appear.


That is because the proximity sensor is operated due to Accidental touch protection, and it is not a product defect. 


The models that the proximity sensor is located behind the display panel are as below.

  • Galaxy A91, Galaxy A90 5G, Galaxy Note10 Series, Galaxy S20 Series, Galaxy Z Flip 

Note: Device screenshots and menu may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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