Using Call and Text On Other Devices

Last Update date : Feb 14. 2023

Want to answer calls and texts messages directly from your compatible Galaxy Tab while your phone is on charge? Simply setup Call & Text on other devices on your Tab and Galaxy phone to easily receive phone calls and send messages on your tablet. There’s no distance restriction, as long as your devices are logged in to the same Samsung account. You will never miss a call and reply to messages, even when your phone’s not around.


Please Note: This guide is designed for Indian Galaxy devices, if you have an international device and do require further assistance. Currently the Call & Text on Other Devices service is only available for the Indian variants Galaxy Tab S6, Tab S4 (SM-T835), Galaxy Watch Active2, Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10/10+, Note9, S9/9+, and A70. For Galaxy devices like the Tab S5e and Tab S4 (SM-T830) you are still able to use this service however this setting is called Call & Message Continuity.

You can also check if the feature is supported in your specific mobile model by User Manual (Search product and then User Manual)


1 Ensure you have successfully signed into the same Samsung Account on your compatible Galaxy phone & Tab.

Haven't created a Samsung Account or need help setting one up? Check out our page How do I create a Samsung account for step-by-step instructions.

2 On your Galaxy phone, head to your Settings > Advanced features
Head into your Settings > Advanced features


For Galaxy devices with the Call & Message Continuity settings head into your Settings > Connections > Toggle on Call & Message Continuity.


3 Toggle on Call & text on other devices

If this option isn't available on your Australian variant smartphone, ensure you are running on the latest software version. Check for Software updates on Samsung Phones to learn how to check for updates on your Galaxy phone.

Toggle on Call & Text on other devices
4 Tap on the Agree button to proceed to the next step.

If you would like to read the T&C's and Privacy Policy, simply tap on the links above the Agree button.
Tap on Agree
5 Once you have completed the setup on your Main device, follow the above steps to link your compatible Galaxy Tab.


Please ensure that your Tab is connected to an internet connection and the same Samsung Account to successfully setup to this device.


6 When the setup is complete on your Galaxy Tab, you should be able to view the Connected to - Your connected to device should be your Galaxy smartphone.
Tab connected to main device

On your Main device, you will also be able to view all registered devices and customise the settings.

Viewing Call & text on ther devices settings pm main device


Please Note: You are only able to connect three registered devices at a time to your main device. If you would like to add another compatible Galaxy to your registered devices list, you will first need to delete a connected device from your mobile.


7 You are also able to toggle on Use mobile networks, by enabling this setting other devices are still able to receive calls and messages even when your mobile isn't connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Toggle on Use mobile networks
1 When a call comes through, you will receive notifications from both your Galaxy smartphone and connected Tab. To answer a call from either devices, simply tap on the Answer icon Answer icon.
Incoming call being shown on Tab and mobile
2 If you decide you no longer want to continue the call from your Tab and want to switch to your Galaxy phone or vice versa, you are able to pull the call without any intruptions.
Simply head to the call on the device you would like to continue the conversation on and tap pull call icon Pull.
Pulling a call from main device to registered device


Please Note: Previous conversations from your Galaxy phone will not be populated to your registered device.


1 If you would like to start a new conversation or reply to a text message from your Galaxy Tab, simply head into the Message icon Message app.
Message app icon on registered device
2 Select the unread conversation or tap on the new message icon new message button to create a new conversation.
Select a message to reply to to tap on the new message to start a new conversation

If you are creating a new conversation on your Galaxy Tab and your contact list is synced to your Google Account or your Galaxy phone's internal memory, you will need to either export your contacts to your Samsung Account or sign into your Google account on your Tab to access your full contacts list.

3 Once the text message has been sent from your registered device, this conversation trail will also populate on your Galaxy phone.
Viewing text message conversation on main device and registered device
4 Alternatively, when an incoming text message comes through, you will be notified on both devices. Choose a device to reply back to your incoming message and the response should populate on all registered devices.
Received message on mobile and registered device


Please Note: There may be a delay in syncing texts messages depending on the network connection.


1 If you are trying to register another secondary device to your Samsung Account and continually receiving the below message when trying to setup on your Tab, you will need to head into your Call & text on other devices settings on your main device and delete some registered devices.
Too many devices connected error message
2 On your mobile device, tap on the three dots icon
Tap on three dots
3 Select Remove devices
Select remove device
4 Tap on the registered devices you would like to delete then tap on Remove
Select device to remove then tap on remove

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