Can we use Memory Cards in DVD player?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

If your Samsung DVD player has a memory card reader, it can read the following types of Memory Cards :




● Memory Stick 

● Memory Stick Pro 

● SD Card 

● MMC 

● Smart Media Card 

● Compact Flash  

● Micro Drive


You can consider following points while inserting the memory card


● Memory Cards over 2GB use FAT 32, which may be not compatible.

● If it is not fully inserted, the Memory Card will not work.

● If you remove the Memory Card during Memory Card operation, the recorded data may become corrupted. It is better to remove it after pressing [DVD/M.CARD] to return to DVD/CD Mode.

● Only MP3/WMA Format files with .mp3 and .wma extensions can be played.The memory card interface is read-only, so files from a DVD or CD cannot be written to a memory card.

● DVD/CD cannot be played in the Memory Card mode.

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