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Backup your Galaxy phone to computer

You will need:

  1. a. Galaxy smartphone.
  2. b. USB cable.
  3. c. Computer.
  4. d. Latest version of Smart Switch software installed on the computer.
  1. 01. Open 'Smart Switch' on your computer, if need be you can download and install latest version, click here to download Smart Switch.
  2. 02. Connect your Galaxy smartphone to your computer with its USB cable.
  3. 03. Tap 'ALLOW' on your Galaxy smartphone.
  4. 04. Click 'More' on Smart Switch screen on the computer.
  5. 05. Click 'Preferences'.
  6. 06. Select 'Encrypt backup data' and click 'OK'.
  7. 07. Click 'CONFIRM'.
  8. 08. Click 'Backup', create a PIN to encrypt your data.
  9. 09. Wait for your Galaxy smartphone to backup.