Photography tips for a stunning
profile picture


Try out Portrait mode

Stunning, studio-quality portrait shots aren’t just for influencers or celebrities. Anyone can achieve them with Portrait mode on their Galaxy phone.

With just a few taps, you can achieve pro-grade portrait shots, wherever you are. Try out these tips the next time you whip out your phone!


First, here’s how to activate Portrait mode on your phone:

First, here’s how to activate Portrait mode on your phone:
Open the Camera app, and then tap MORE.
Tap PORTRAIT, and then tap the circle in the bottom right of the viewfinder.

The options can be altered using the slider.
On the Galaxy S22 Series 5G, PORTRAIT will be available at the bottom of the screen after you open the Camera app.


Play with your surroundings

Posing does not come naturally to everyone. Most of us feel awkward or lost at what to do with our hands and body when posing for photos.

One easy way to get around this is by interacting with the surroundings or holding items. They give your hands something to do, and can also frame the borders of your portrait shot nicely!

Focal Length: 7.9 mm
F Number: f/2.4
Exposure Time: 1/500

Focal Length: 6.4 mm
F Number: f/1.8
Exposure Time: 1/571


Experiment with angles

Unless you’re going for a more professional headshot, you don’t always need to have the camera pointed directly in front of you. Think: Side profiles, over-the-shoulders or even top-down shots.

Or, like in the examples above, sometimes your best angles are discovered while in motion. Walk and move about freely, so the camera can capture you from various angles. Then you can pick the best one from all the shots captured.

Focal Length: 6.4 mm
F Number: f/1.8
Exposure Time: 1/180

Focal Length: 6.4 mm
F Number: f/1.8
Exposure Time: 1/40


Try out Pro Mode

Most of us don’t think to capture portrait shots after-dark, because we associate it with poor lighting and blurry photos. But the nighttime can lend a compelling, vivid quality to your portrait shots.

With advanced Nightography features on the Galaxy S22 Series 5G, you can achieve interesting, striking photos that tell a story. To achieve shots like the ones above, adjust the focal length, f number and exposure time settings respectively in your camera app. Just select MORE and PRO MODE then tap on the various functions to adjust them accordingly.

All the individual photography settings that were used to capture each photo on this page are listed above ⁠— so try them out!

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