Recommended Regular Maintenance for WW90H9600EW/SA

Last Update date : Aug 04. 2022

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Keep the washing machine clean to prevent deteriorated performance and to preserve its life cycle.
Recommended Regular Maintenance:

Drum Clean

Perform this course regularly to clean the drum and to remove bacteria from it.

  1. Tap Course > Drum Clean
  2. . Move to the main screen, and tap Start

The water temperature for Drum Clean is set to 70 °C, which cannot be changed. 


CAUTION: Do not use any cleaning agents for cleaning the drum. Chemical residue in the drum deteriorates the washing performance


Drum Clean reminder

  • The Drum Clean reminder appears on the main screen once every 40 washes. It is advisable to perform the Drum Clean regularly.
  • When you first see this reminder, you can ignore the reminder (up to 6 times) by tapping Remind later. From the 7th wash, the reminder does not appear. However, it appears again on the second 40th wash.



Surface of the washing machine 

  • Use a soft cloth with a nonabrasive household detergent. Do not spray water onto the washing


Mesh filter

Clean the mesh filter of the water supply hose once or twice a year

  1. Turn off the washing machine, and unplug the power cord.
  2. Close the water tap.
  3. Loosen and disconnect the water supply hose from the back of the washing machine. Cover the hose with a cloth to prevent water from gushing out.
  4. Use pliers to pull out the mesh filter from the inlet valve hole.
  5. . Submerge the mesh filter deeply in water so that the threaded connector is also submerged. 
  6. . Dry the mesh filter completely in the shade
  7. Reinsert the mesh filter into the water supply hose, and place the water supply hose in the original position.
  8. Open the water tap.

If the mesh filter is clogged, an error code of “4E” appears on the screen


Debris filter

It is advisable to clean the debris filter 5 or 6 times a year to prevent its clogging. A clogged debris filter may reduce the bubble effect. 

(For more in detailed steps check out Debris filter cleaning)


  1. Turn off the washing machine, and unplug the power cord. 
  2. Drain the remaining water inside the drum by referring to “Emergency drain” on page 46 in the user manual.
  3. Open the filter cover using a coin or key.
  4. Turn the debris filter cap to the left, and drain off the remaining water.
  5. Remove the debris filter.
  6. Clean the debris filter using soft brushes. Make sure the drain pump propeller inside the filter is unclogged.
  7. Reinsert the debris filter, and turn the filter cap to the right.


  • To open the safety filter cap, push in and turn it anticlockwise. The spring of the cap helps to open the cap.
  • To close the safety filter cap, turn it clockwise. The spring makes a rattling sound, which is normal.
  • If the debris filter is clogged, an error code of “5E” appears on the screen



  • Make sure the filter cap is closed properly after cleaning the filter. Otherwise, this may cause a leak.
  • Make sure the filter is inserted properly after cleaning it. Otherwise, this may cause an operational failure or a leak.

Auto Dispense unit

The Auto Dispense unit must be cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation at all times.

  1. Remove the Auto Dispense unit from the washing machine
  2. Wipe out the recess of the Auto Dispense unit using a dry cloth.
  3. Remove two knobs of the Auto Dispense unit as well as the two caps at the bottom, and run water through the Auto Dispense unit to clean the inner area.
    Do not shake the Auto Dispense unit as you may be spattered with water from the vent of the Auto Dispense unit.
  4. Reinsert knobs and caps in the original position.
  5. Reinsert the Auto Dispense unit in the original position. 

Other recommended user tips

  • Always use HE detergent made for high-efficiency (HE) machines, and use the minimum amount of detergent as per recommendation from the detergent manufacturer (more is not necessarily better).
  • Regular detergents produce much more suds and use of low quality detergents over time can cause faults or reduce lifespan of your washing machine .
    Also, over time use of not suitable detergent could cause build up a film on the inner drum and inside hoses which than becomes a breeding ground for mold.
  • Remove finished loads immediately. Do not leave damp clothes in the machine (this provides an ideal breeding environment for bad odour and mildew).
  • When not in use, leave the door of the washer open, to improve air circulation inside the machine and to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew. Clean out the washer door's rubber seal regularly by wiping with clean water.  

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