How to set up the Daily Briefing Feature on your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Last Update date : Nov 16. 2021

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

A Day Planner with a Difference


The Samsung Galaxy Watch delivers Daily Briefings twice a day. 


When you wake up, preview the day's schedule and get helpful information:


Morning Briefing:


  • Date
  • Weather
  • Schedule
  • Reminders
  • Battery information


Before going to bed at night, get another Daily Briefing with a summary of how your day went and a weather forecast for the next day:


Evening Briefing:


  • Overdue reminders
  • Health Stats
  • Tomorrow's weather
  • Battery information



Follow the steps below to activate Daily Briefing on your Samsung Galaxy Watch: 


1 Firstly you need to disable Theatre mode and Goodnight mode because these modes prevent Daily Briefing notifications from appearing:

Tap Settings > Advanced > Turn off Theatre mode and Goodnight mode

Samsung Galaxy Watch Daily Briefing



2 Once you have disabled Theatre Mode and Goodnight Mode:

Go back to settings and select  Apps > Permissions > Daily Briefing > Turn on Sensors


Daily Briefing Feature Samsung Galaxy Watch

                               By activating Daily Briefings on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can be well organised and plan your day ahead of time 

To change set brief times the Daily Breifing feature :

Step 1: Open Settings on your Galaxy Watch
Step 2: Open Advanced
Step 3: Scroll down and select Daily Breifing
Step 4: Select Briefing times to change these. 

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