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Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

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What is Device maintenance feature?
The Device maintenance (also known as Smart Manager on earlier versions of android) feature allows you to access the devices information and view its current perfomance indepth. Providing information about your device’s battery, storage, RAM and the system security.
You are able to optimise the performance of your device with a single tap.


The quick optimization feature improves device performance through the following actions.

- Identifying apps that use excessive battery power and deleting unnecessary files.
- Deleting unwanted files and closing apps running in the background.
- Scanning for malware and phishing attacks.

Galaxy J5/J7 2017: Device maintenance > What is Device maintenance feature?

Device maintenance features and what they provide.


You can view your phones current battery charge and estimated battery life along with your devices battery usage.
You can also adjust your power saving modes, optimise your apps power usage and select which of your apps you would like to refrain from being put to sleep.

To view your battery usage since your phone was last fully charged, tap on Battery usage. 
Note: The estimated usage time remaining is based on your usage over the last 7 days.


Past and predicted usage: This is the graph stating the devices Estimated usage time remaining that is available. 


Recent battery usage: This allows the user to able to view what app/function has been using the battery.


Power saving mode: To conserve power, you can select and customise a Power saving mode. Power saving mode can give the Mobile device a boost in it's battery life.  You can select either MID or MAX if wish to enable Power saving mode. These modes can also be customised by tapping the Customise option. 


App power monitor: This will detect apps that are using the battery in the background and displays them in a list. You can extend your battery by selecting which of these apps you would like to put to sleep, either manually or automatically. You can select single or multiple apps and put them to sleep and view their battery usage per hour. Putting the app to sleep means that it will no longer use the battery while they are not in use. Sleeping apps may not receive updates or send notifications to the user. However, the app will wake up automatically as soon as it has been re-opened.   


Unmonitored apps: You can select and add apps into this feature to allow them to use as much power as needed. Apps in the Unmonitored apps list will not be flagged by the App power monitor and will not have their usage optimised.

Performance Mode

There are 4 different performance modes which you can choose from depending on your usage.  

These modes can be further adjusted by tapping on Customise: 

Optimised (recommended): Balance battery life and screen resolution for everyday use. 


Game: Enhances your gaming experience by making games run more smoothly. Game Launcher will be enabled, and the Game Tools floating button will appear on most apps. 


Entertainment: Enjoy your music and videos with ultra-high quality sound, enhanced images, and maximum quality settings. 


High performance: Experience the highest quality display with maximum brightness and screen resolution.


The Storage feature calculates your available storage along with the space already being used by each category. 


Storage also identifies the amount of unnecessary data and allows you to free up storage space by deleting unnecessary cached, residual, and advertisement files.  


Simply tap on Clean Now to free up the storage.


The Memory on your device is used to store temporary information when it's needed quickly.


Clearing the Memory on your device will close and reset running/background apps. This may help the performance of your device temporarily.


To shut down the running/background apps on your device, tap on Clean Now.

Device Security

The Device security function keeps your device content safe and secure.  


Device security protects your device and scans your device for any threats such as malware or viruses.  


Tap on Scan Phone to conduct a diagnostic scan of your device.

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