Galaxy Note 8: S Pen features > How do I use the Translate feature?

Last Update date : Nov 30. 2021

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One of the features of the S Pen is it gives you the ability to translate text and sentences by simply hovering the stylus on the screen. With this feature, it saves you time to copy and paste the text/sentence into app such as Google Translate for translation.


Please note:

  • To use this feature, your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  • This feature does not support some languages.
  • This feature is available only when detectable text is on the screen.
  • Words inside images are unable to be translated.
1 When there are text you want to translate, open the Air command panel and tap Translate.
2 Select the languages on the translator panel at the top of the screen.

You can change the text between words and sentences by tapping.

Galaxy Note8: S Pen features > How do I use a Translate feature?
3 Hover the S Pen over the text you want to translate or the unit you want to convert.

The translated text will appear above the original text.

Tap to listen to the pronunciation of the original text. 

Note: The icon may not appear depending on the language you select. 

4 To close the translator, tap on the translator panel.
Galaxy Note8: S Pen features > How do I use a Translate feature?

For a list of the supported languages see Galaxy Note 8: S Pen features > What languages are supported by Translate Air command?


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