How to wear and replace the band for the Galaxy Watch

Last Update Date : Dec 07. 2018

How to wear your Galaxy Watch correctly?

Open the buckle and place the band around your wrist. Fit the band to your wrist, insert the pin into an adjustment hole, and then secure the buckle to close it.

Please note:
• Do not bend the band excessively. Doing so may damage the Galaxy Watch
• When certain materials come into contact with the back of the Galaxy Watch, it may recognise that you are wearing it on your ankle
• If your Galaxy Watch does not register that a motion has occurred for more than 10 minutes, it may recognise that you are not wearing it on your wrist.
• Skin irritation may occur if you wear the Galaxy Watch for a long time or while doing a high-intensity exercise. Remove the Galaxy Watch from your wrist and do not wear it for several hours

• Make sure your skin is dry before wearing your Galaxy Watch. If you wear a wet Galaxy Watch for a long time, your skin may be affected

• If you are using in the water, remove foreign materials from your skin and Galaxy Watch. Dry them thoroughly to prevent the skin irritation

• Do not use any accessories except the Galaxy Watch in the water

How to replace the band of the Galaxy Watch?

1 Slide the band’s spring bar inwards. The band’s appearance may vary depending on your model
Replacing band on Galaxy Watch
2 Pull the band away from the Galaxy Watch’s body
Replacing the band
3 Insert one end of the spring bar into the Galaxy Watch’s lug.
Replacing Galaxy Watch band
4 Slide the spring bar inwards and connect the band.
Replacing the Galaxy Watch band

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